Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back at it....

After 2 weeks of back to school hell I hopped back on the workout train yesterday. I swear the two weeks leading up to school are pure madness. When we ended July our August schedule was wide open then bam, in came the emails for orientations and parents meetings and back to school picnics galore. There went our August!!! WHEW. It was pure madness! Good news is that Vincent is LOVING Kindergarten, I semi think that it is more calm at school than it is in our house for him. I mean at home he is bombarded by the 3 little brothers so at school at least he can talk to kids his own age and play with kids who enjoy bigger kids stuff! So all is good. Luke started back yesterday so now we are getting into a rhythm! By next week we should be one finely tuned school machine around these parts!! I can finally get my fitness back in check. I havent fallen off horribly but I can tell a HUGE difference in my mood and the way my body feels. I don't really worry about what the scale says, I go more by how I feel and I feel pretty crummy!

I hopped on the scale yesterday and snapped a shot in the mirror.
(Tired, Bitchy, Low Energy, BLAH!!)
I was originally going to wait until labor day was over but felt so crummy energy wise that I started earlier. I am sore as can be today but things are starting to look up! Its amazing how quickly you feel like crap when you deviate from eating clean and not working out. We are doing a new challenge group next week for 21 day fix and I am going to do the program over. I am so excited because I love the program and its so much fun to do it alongside other women!

In the meantime, Sam found the chocolate chips...I should probably clean him, since he is drooling chocolate all over me. YAY, MOTHERHOOD!! Happy Thursday y'all! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Jordan and I love watching series, we have finished so many, 24, Prison Break, Orange is The New Black, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey and so on. Recently we have been watching Weeds. I am slightly addicted and have been trying my best to TRY to get to sleep vs staying up all night watching. Well this season a new hottie appeared on Weeds. Insert, this hottie pants, Demetri. 
He kinda reminds me of Jordan in a way so I thought he was cute right off the bat and I am totally digging him and Nancy's little love affair, even though she sleeps with EVERYONE so I should not get too attached to him! Anyways I didn't realize who he was at all, so I went a few episodes in while Jordan fell asleep, then the next morning he sadly told me who he was.
PORNSTACHE from Orange is The New Black haha now everytime I see him I envision Mendez!!!

His real name is Pablo Schreiber. I giggle at Pablo being his name but he is super cute!
Now I kind of want to rewatch Orange is The New Black to see him again! 

PS if you havent watched Weeds, do it! I love it. There is a lot of bad language and some bad stuff but all in all it's a great and addicting show!! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brew Master....

I guess I am not a master yet but feeling pretty darn successful after brewing my first batch of Kombucha yesterday. I felt like I was a high school student in a chemistry class with my glass jars and utensils ready to brew my first home batch of Kombucha in the kitchen. 

Now if you do not know what Kombucha is, it is fermented tea. It sounds gross but I have honestly started to love it. When it is flavored you can't even taste it. I am addicted to the stuff but was not addicted to the price tag of $4 a bottle so I knew that the only way to cure my addiction was to make it at home. 
(I got my brew kit from Kombucha Brooklyn, Williams-Sonoma also carries their kits so I knew they must be pretty legit. It came with EVERYTHING I needed, the tea (fresh made), sugar, flavor packs, the SCOBY, all of it came from there, I also got my canning jars and all that jazz)

Exactly what is the deal with Kombucha!?!?!
Well since it's fermented it has live bacterias inside it, think about yogurt and the live cultures and bacteria in it that help your intestines. Kombucha is the same, but in a drink form. A few of the amazing benefits of Kombucha are:
Boosts the Immune System
Natural Detoxifier
Rich in Vitamins and Enzymes
Gives you an ENERGY Boost (no joke, I love it)
Increases your Metabolism.
Helps your Joints (Arthritis) 
Aids Digestion and Gut Health 

I honestly thought it was a hoax at first and then I tried it, it gives me a boost and totally helps my digestion. I also just feel healthier and refreshed inside and out. I drink it almost daily and once I start getting into a brewing cycle I will be able to drink every single day. If you want to try it you can usually find it in your local organics section. It's refrigerated and comes flavored. My favorite is the Raspberry Ginger. You will honestly become addicted, I am not kidding. And the fact that it's so amazing for your health is a huge bonus. I honestly think it is kind of like pop without the nasty chemicals and junk. So if you like pop and crave pop I would honestly try Kombucha. I have a feeling you will kick your pop habit! 

 Have you tried the Buch yet?? Have you brewed it? Any tips or tricks for a first time brewer like myself?? I am day 1 into my first batch so any advice is WELCOME and appreciated!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Diva cup? Say what???

Okay so I made a quick video but I will also explain here for those of you who can't view it, if you're at work reading or something.

Anywho, the other week I posted a picture of my shopping cart, it looked like this:
Self explanatory, right? 

Well a few people commented talking about a diva cup? I honestly thought it was a special Starbucks cup so I was ready to march back and ask the barista where the heck my diva cup was!!!! I was really hoping it was a sequins cup or something special but I found out via my best friend google that it was a menstrual cup. Whomp whomp. At first I just giggled, then was a tad intrigued by this cup thing. I read tons of reviews and decided to order it. Thanks to amazon for being amazing it showed up the next day. I was so excited. But at the same time was weirded out. 
Ive had limited periods the past 5 years so I have always used tampons without even blinking an eye. I never put much thought into it at all. But tampons are cotton and cotton is GMO. Gag. I am a freak about GMO products, so I am all for any alternative! Plus not having to buy tampons or worry about them is kind of exciting. My kids always rip them out of the box and play with them anyways so it will save me on clean up. 
I watched a few YouTube videos and took my instructions in the bathroom and tried it out. It took a few times to get it right. I know its super awkward, I still remember trying to figure out a tampon, most weird thing ever so its very similar to that! 
You don't have to change as often
No waste, reuseable
NO LEAKS. This baby can hold a TON.
Can't even feel it 
Easy once you get hang of it

Getting over the Ick factor 
The awkward pin they give you haha
(like legit a pin to pin to your coat that says "diva")

Not much phases me after watching my four boys come out of my lady parts, and yes you can watch, they have a mirror, it helps a ton!! Haha so from that and also what felt like the whole world in the room for each birth (not exaggerating 10 people were in the room for Vincent's) I am not phased by chatting about a good ole "vagina" cup. Bahahahaha. That is totally why they call it a mensuration cup because the word vagina would freak everyone out 

I would definitely recommend trying it. I will be using it from now on. You are supposed to rinse each use but if you are in a public bathroom you can just wipe it down with toilet paper and rinse the next time, I had to do that when we were at a restaurant. No biggie at all. 

Through the past 5 years I have really taken control of my feminine health. I honestly could do posts for weeks on it because there is so much to learn and know. I really do encourage you to learn about your cycles and body. You are in control of your health, so read up and learn all that you can. Getting in tune with your body is so rewarding and makes life much more understandable. 
So yes to the Diva Cup!

What's your take?? Have you made the switch? 

{PS. Pink Pad app is where its at for charting. I chart my period, my moods, my health haha. I chart it all}

PSS. While making this video in the bathroom Jude fell asleep in the tub! :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

6 hours.

To say I was nervous about Vincent going into Kindergarten would be an understatement. Homeboy would complain about preschool being TOO long, it was 2 hours. So I was very curious how he would hold up being gone all day, 6 hours is a long time for 5 year olds. He started on Wednesday and has honestly loved it so far. His only complaint was on day 1 that he didnt make it to his cookies during lunch, because I told him to eat his veggies and ham rolls first, before eating those cookies. I am so proud that he listened. I mean seriously I figured he would scarf those puppies down first! At least I know he is listening, which makes me even happier about his school ventures.
Seeing all these tiny people in uniforms is way too cute
It's seriously hard to believe our first man is already in school. I never even imagined him going to school since we had planned to homeschool. We still would LOVE to homeschool and this is our first REAL year of schooling so we are just taking it as it is and seeing how it goes. Luckily they are super anal about how the kids treat eachother and dealing with bullying which was one of my biggest fears with schooling. I pray this is true, we will see as time goes on, but all the children and parents seem to be very involved. So here's to Vincent's first year of Kindergarten!!
Now it's just me and these 3 crazy boys. Luke starts preschool next week so will be gone a few hours a week and I cannot even explain how excited I am to get a little one on one time with Jude and Sammer. I feel like Jude totally got lost in the rat race and hasnt gotten as much one on one time so I am excited to really spend some quality time with him!!

Hope you are all doing well with your kids going to school this week and next week. It's a change but I am very hopeful that it is a GOOD change. Vincent luckily hasn't seemed too tired, I think that school may be more CALM than life at home with his crazy brothers! haha