My first post!!

I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile to write all my thoughts and to get all my memories in one place so I figured now is a better time than any! If you didn't know already our family of 3 is soon going to be a family of 4 in August, well 5 if you count Verner! There were tons of things I wish I would have written down during Vincent's pregnancy so I figured it would be good to start my blog since I am only in week 7 of this pregnancy! Plus when you are pregnant you get pregnancy brain where you forget things left and right so it will be nice to have this to look back on!
Well today was tonight was pretty boring, Vincent and I just played around and caught up on the DVR! Jordan had class and got home around 1030, he is all done with week 1 of classes! Only 10 more left till he is officially finished with his MBA!! It will be so nice to have him home after work every night! I won't know what to do with myself, I don't think he will either! But we just ate a late dinner and he has a tiny bit of work to do and I am just going to finish up my first post! Vincent popped his third tooth yesterday so he has been a little cranky! Poor guy! Last night he woke up at like 230 and was very unhappy so he came into bed with us! Which was good for him but I cannot sleep with him in bed with us anymore! Which sucks because I used to love having him in bed with us! So I am crossing my fingers that he sleeps well tonight! He is sleeping like a angel at the moment so hopefully he holds up til Jordan leaves for work!
So far this pregnancy has drained me like crazy, I am sure it doesn't help that I am also breastfeeding still so I am literally having everything sucked from me from Vincent and also the little one! But I do not want to stop breastfeeding because it has made Vincent so healthy this past season! Hoping he continues to stay healthy and hoping this next little one is just as healthy as Vincent! I am praying that one I hit the second trimester that my energy comes back! I will let you know in 5 weeks! haha! Well I am going to cut this one short and get to bed! Have a great night and day tomorrow everyone! I will be sure to keep blogging to keep everyone up to date with our life and also to post pictures! :)

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