So glad the snow is slowing down....

I totally despise driving in the snow! Especially with the precious cargo in the backseat and in my belly, makes me very anxious when driving! Our car is pretty good in the snow but I am definitely looking forward to getting our SUV in June when the lease on Jordan's car is up! I will feel much safer in 4WD/AWD! So I am definitely looking forward to feeling safer in the snow and also for the sake that we will have 2 car seats in the car and also Verner when we travel, right now the poor dog is stuck in the back seat with Vincent, he will have the whole back on the SUV here soon! He will be a much happier puppy when we travel! We are actually going to go test drive this weekend! We have it narrowed down to 3 SUVs that we like. The Chevy Equinox, The GMC Terrain and the Mitsubishi Outlander, they all have amazing safety features and tons of room! I love the Terrain but it is super boxy around the wheels and Jordan thinks it looks ugly but I love it! He is hooked on the Equinox at the moment but we will see which one drives better and how the interiors are! So I am excited to take a few for a spin this weekend!
So the drive to get the kids today around 145 was pretty crappy! Took it nice and slow and it look maybe 40 mins, then on the way home I left around 420 and it was crazy out! I didn't get home til around 540! I usually hate taking the highway since people drive crazy, but Jordan thought it would be the best today so I took it and it was nice that everyone was going nice and slow, I think we went a max of 20ish! I was very happy with all the drivers, then I got off on one of the side streets and that's where people were being crazy. Thank God I wasn't on those roads for long! Vincent enjoyed a nice nap both to and from work! Which was great!
On the way home on the radio they were talking about the failed terrorist attack on that plane on Christmas Day and how they failed to catch the man ahead of time when there was all those red flags. I totally agree with airports having full body scans to better check passengers. I know people are concerned about the officials seeing their body shape or what not but come on! Those body scanners could save countless lives from terrorists! I would much rather someone see the outline of my body than some terrorist light up a bomb on my plane! I am all for it!
Anyways enough about that on to Vincent...the little man decided exactly at 2am to wake up last night! He was screaming on and off for an hour then fell back asleep! Poor little man! It is so hard not to go in and get him but if I do he will know that I will come rescue him whenever he cries in his crib, which is bad news! I am hoping tonight he sleeps better! We shall see! He has been blabbing like crazy lately, he has even spouted out "DA,DA!" But he only says it on his terms lol! We try to encourage him to say it again and he stares at us like we are crazy! It is so fun watching him learn and grow every single day! He is such a happy little boy!
Jordan doesn't have school tonight so he was home at normal time which was nice!! We got to play around with Verner and Vincent all night! But now we are ready to hit the sack! I checked the weather and it looks like the snow is pretty much over, finally! :) I am thinking we might have to take Vincent out in his baby sled that Aunt Jennifer got him this weekend! I will be sure to take pictures! I hope everyone has an amazing Friday! Good Night!

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