Today turned out to be a long day...

WOW, today is a long day, can't remember the last time I was up this late, lol I was asleep at 10:30 on New Years if that tells you anything! haha Well this morning Vincent and I slept in, he is such a good little snuggle bug when he wants to be! Jordan is the total opposite, sleeping in for him is seriously 7:30-8! I do not know how he does it! But he always falls asleep right when
his head hits the pillow! I wish I could do that! I am seriously awake for a good hour or maybe 2 just trying to wind down, my mind is constantly racing with just random thoughts and it always bites me in the butt because I need to sleep when Vincent is sleeping! And I also need to start napping when he does during the day to try to regain some energy! Anyways, we woke up about 10:30 and I got a shower which is truly my fave thing ever! I could stand in there for an hour! It is so peaceful and quiet and relaxing! But then we all got ready and headed over to test drive a few SUVs since we wanted to see how they did in the snow to help narrow the list down. We were planning to test drive as we still had our G6 till June on lease. Well we went to GMC to look at the Terrain...which I loved and so did Jordan when we actually got there! I would surely recommend it to anyone! So we took a few of them out and they did great in the snow! And the car is loaded with amazing features, plus it is super sexy! So our dealer was of course trying to get us to buy the car and we explained the lease we were in and he said they would buy it out from us, so we were like ya okay?! Thinking are you serious buddy? So we wanted to keep our car payments close to what they used to be and we were thinking of leasing again with the Terrain. Well he came back with tons of numbers and none of them were working it was going to be double what

we were paying for our really nice sedan. Then he informed us they had an Equinox which is one we were considering, and its pretty much the same as the Terrain, they are made off the same platform, so all the safety is the same, the only thing different is cosmetic. So we drove that and liked it and then they gave us a few more options with an Envoy or Trailblazer, but we liked the Equinox better for its AWD and appearance. We test drove it and she did GREAT in the snow...I was flooring it on snowy side streets and it did not budge one bit! I was very impressed! So to make a long story short they took our lease away from us and we walked away with the Equinox. We were literally there from 12-5! It was insane! We had went with the full mind-set of just test driving and we left with our new car! We are totally stoked to be out of the lease with no drama and we are in a much safer car for Vincent and I! It turned out to be a great day and the best part was Vincent was such a trooper through the whole thing! He didn't cry once! He did the whole 5 hours with a smile, I think he knew how safe he was going to be in the new car! lol It was so weird coming home in it...I do not think I will be used to it for awhile! I was so nervous to pull it into the garage, but she fits perfectly! It will be so nice to pick the kids up from school in! So now they will have room to breathe! And also for when we travel Verner will have the whole back end to lay down! He will be so excited! So all and all it was a very exciting afternoon and we are fully satisfied with our purchase! I am in love with her already!! :)
After all that excitment we jetted home to meet our friend Harold to watch the Jets game, He is from NY so he is a huge fan! So the boys watched football all night! We did get to go to City BBQ at half time which made me happy as I was starving from our afternoon at the dealer! Then Arielle came over around 8 to see us! I missed her tons so we just sat and had girl talk, which is truly so refreshing when most of the day I talk to Vincent haha! But it was so nice to see her and gossip about tv and stuff! So our easy going Saturday didn't end up happening till this evening! And now it is time to start relaxing and get to sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a chill day though, just Mass and then probably grocery shopping and cleaning a little! I love Sundays! Another good thing is Sunday is one step closer to my Monday night shows!!! :) haha! I hope everyone sleeps tight and has a great Sunday! xoxo

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