Almost back to 100%!

Well after a tough weekend and past few days I am proud to say Vincent is almost back to 100%! I am so happy! I was so nervous because when my brother was about 9 months he had croup so bad that he was in the hospital for 9 days and he was in what my parents called the "Rainforest Room" where it was a room with vaporizers going wild, they had to wear almost like rain coats to even go in and see him and my mom said it was so sad to see him standing in the crib just balling his eyes out for her! I am so glad Vincent is doing better and we will hopefully not have to be in that position! My poor parents, I can not even imagine!

Me on the other hand have gotten worse, but I asked God to take away Vincents sickness and I think he added it to mine! haha! I went to the doctor yesterday and now am on an antibotic, so I am hoping that it kicks in here soon as I do not want this to progress to anything worse! But I would much rather me be sick than my little man!

We have an appointment tomorrow morning with our midwife! I cannot wait to hear our little one's heartbeat! It is truly so amazing to hear! I will have to have Jordan get a picture of my belly as it has started to pop a little! But I guess it's about time, I am almost 15 weeks! MY GOSH it is flying by! Cannot believe we will have another precious angel that soon! I will be sure to keep you all updated with how the appointment went! Well were off to bed early to catch up on sleep :)

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  1. Allie I am SO glad to hear Vincent is doing better! And I hope that you get well soon too! I was having facebook withdraw from you! lol So I thought I would check out your blog! Love it!

    I heard a rumor that Jake doesnt choose either Tenley or Vienna and brings back Ali! haha that would be the best thing ever!!!

    Miss you and hope everyone gets healthy!