Awake at 5:30 am...Sweet!

My sleeping has been totally off! I have had some serious anxiety that has kept me from sleeping! It really stinks! But I do not have to nanny today so I figured I would just wake up instead of lay in bed and toss and turn! So here I am! Plus I have some DVR to catch up on while Vincent is asleep! I have once again started slacking on the blogging! I need to step it up! We had our first ultrasound last week, which was a total relief because I feel like it isn't as real until you get to see or hear the heartbeat and that little munchkin moving around! So I was very relieved to see he/she moving around like crazy and to see that beautiful heartbeat! It is the most wonderful sound in the world!! I was also relieved that there was only one baby as that was something I was stressing, considering Jordan is a twin! I would truly lie awake at night and think "OMG could I really handle two newborns!" But thank God I do not have to worry about it, I will take one at once please for now!! :) I am almost in the second trimester so I am hoping to start feeling a little more alive. I go through the day feeling like a zombie! I would like to feel a little human again! And I would love to be able to eat something that did not give me heartburn from hell! I had to up my intake of Zantac 150 to taking the maximum of 4 tablets a day! Seriously who has that much heartburn and I am trying my best to eat really bland which is super fun! :) I am curious if all these side effects are trying to tell me it is a girl? Because it was never this bad with Vincent! We will soon see! Jordan does not want to know the sex and I am really still on the fence about it! I think I am just going to have my doctor write it on my chart and if I am in desperate need I can find out, the only problem is I cannot tell Jordan or he will kill me, and I know how hard it will be to keep it from him so maybe I should just not find out!? I can wait another 29 weeks right!? :)
Jordan is in the last few weeks of school! SO EXCITING! He only has 6 more weeks left and then he will be done and home at night! We seriously will not know what to do with ourselves! The only semi-stressful thing is there is a chance we could be moving out of state for him to switch jobs! Which is actually super exciting as I would love to explore another state! But the only thing that is stressful is me finding another midwife and another doula! I would seriously be heart broken as I love my midwife and my doula! Trust me there is not many people you feel comfortable with when you are pushing a baby out haha! I would like to keep the same baby team as with Vincent! Plus the other scary thing is that my parents will not be able to get to the birth like they did last time! Both my parents were there for the whole thing, it was like a totally family affair and I would not have it any other way! So we will see what happens in the next few months! I just want Jordan to be happy with his job because that is the most important thing to me! If we have to move to Africa I would! lol That is extreme but I just want him to work in a place that makes him completely happy!
Vincent has been making leaps and bounds lately! Everyday is something new for him! He is truly amazing! I love watching him learn and grow! It is a true blessing to watch your children! I seriously stare at him all the time watching his little brain figure things out! I know it is totally clique but they truly do grow so fast and they are not little for long! It is truly sad but exciting at the same time! So I will indulge in these moments I have with him as they are truly priceless! I have begun planning his first birthday, not too complicated but I am so excited to make his cake!!! :) I cannot wait for him to smash it and make a total MESS!!! :) It will be glorious!!
Well that is all for now, I have been dying to catch up on my 19 kids and counting as the mother gave birth to a premature baby who is a total blessing! She was only 1lbs 6oz at birth and is now 2lbs 3oz! I cannot even imagine what they have been going through! She is truly a gift from God!,,20340306,00.html
Hope everyone has a great day!! xoxo

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  1. Ok, so i almost cried watching 19 kids and counting seeing that tiny premie hooked up to all the medical devices. It's truly amazing that "life" can be that small!