Baking Day!

Not much to post today because I am exhausted and ready to hit the sack! Just thought I would post a few pics of the goodies I made today! My friend Christina came over as well during baking time! She is 30 weeks pregnant and having a little boy! I cannot wait ti meet the little guy, Maddox and for him and Vincent to play! He will finally have a baby friend in the same city! It will be so nice!! :)
Well here they are!
 Fresh Raspberry Buttercream! My favorite frosting ever!
Placed on top of Chocolate cupcakes....YUM!!!

Last but not least....
The worlds best peanut butter bars!!

I only got to eat one peanut butter bar in hopes not to have bad heartburn, I am holding out til tomorrow to eat a cupcake! :) Cannot wait to bite into it!

Off to dream about my cupcake!! :)

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  1. You can bake for me anytime lady. That stuff looks A-MAZING!