Day 1!

Day 1 of Lent has came to an end! And I have had no urge to log onto facebook! So that is good! Jordan has given up the radio in the car! Good thing we do not have any trips home before Easter! Maybe next year I will give up the radio because I love it! It totally calms my nerves when I am driving and I love to sing along! I think Jordan will like not having to hear me sing along for 40 days! :) Lucky him! Jordan chose to fast all day, I have to give it to him I could not do that! Typically most people will eat less and have a small breakfast, small lunch and regular dinner, but the breakfast and lunch can not be bigger than the dinner... sound like my daily ritual, minus the countless granola bars, crackers and fruit! But Jordan does a real fast where he does not eat anything! I'm sure his tummy has been rumbling all day! But he has been at class since after mass today so he has luckily not been home to see me eating! But yesterday I cooked a whole chicken and made potatoes and gravy so there was a ton left over that he said he will dig into first thing tomorrow morning!

Before I put Vincent down he always comes in our room for a bottle then breastfeeding, but I had walked into the bathroom while he was laying back taking a bottle and walked out to him holding up my baby magazine! It was so funny, He looked like an old man reading away! I grabbed a photo but he had already moved! He's is seriously the funniest little man ever!

Ugh I love him!

Tomorrow, I was going to take Vincent to a Toddler Yoga class but sadly a lady from one of my groups at church passed away so I am going to help out and bake a ton of stuff for after her funeral! So I will be busy in the kitchen before and maybe even after work! I am going to make peanut butter bars, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream and maybe do a few with peanutbutter buttercream and chocolate chips on top! I will bake a few extra for Jordan so he can get his belly nice and full tomorrow! I will take pictures to post all the goodies! I love to bake! :) But I have found I really only like to bake to enjoy it, I do not think I would like deadlines from clients and all that jazz, I just like to create different things and have fun with it! But maybe someday I will open a cute bakery! Speaking of baking... I have found what I am going to bake for Vincent's First birthday! 

Obviously his will not be pink or have those random animals! But I am going to do a giant cupcake like this! Then I figured for the guests, I will do all different kinds of normal sized cupcakes! But I am theming the colors off of the shirt I got him!
By the way which shorts do you like better!? At first I was digging the plaid now I like the seersucker ones!?
But the cake colors and the whole party will be themed off the colors on the shirt!
So I am planning on mostly all shades of blues and greens! I am going to do the same candles that were on that cake except in blue! And I think I will do without the candy- chocking hazard! I will just dot some different colored icing around it!
But that is where I am at now on his birthday, blues, greens and cupcakes! I found a few cute patterns for plates and napkins but have not made the final pick! I just want to watch him tear apart that cupcake! :)

Chrissy- I am excited for our shoot since I gave up fb I will probably email or text you! :)

Well I am exhausted and have a lot of baking to do in the am! Hope you all have a great night!


  1. Hey Allie! OMG I had the same idea with the cupcakes for guests and big cupcake for hudson. Great minds think alike. I almost picked up the big cupcake pan at walmart the other day but it was $30. Are you getting the pan or are you going to make it yourself?
    I like the plaid shorts better. I didnt buy the shirt but I bought the Carters bib that goes with that shirt. I figured he will only wear it one day so I went with the bib.
    By the way I was just catching up on your older blogs and you will NOT regret Uggs. I am very thrifty so it was hard for me to spend that much on boots but I have 3 pairs and wear them every day during the winter.

  2. Tera! I think I am gonna get the pan! But I think Micheals or JoAnns will have it and I always get 40% off or 50% coupons so I will send you the coupon when I get it! Great minds do think alike!! :) :) Vincent is 10 months Sat so that means Hudsons 11 months! I swear it has flown by!! AHHH!!
    I am loving the Uggs so far! I am glad Jordan picked that as my gift!! :) They are so comfy and nice with the snow!! Oh by the way I saw something on tv where they think Jake is going to let them both go home!?!? I need to know now! I cannot wait 2 weeks haha!

  3. Sounds good to me! That cupcake is super cute and I know yours will be even better! I'm excited to play with Vincent again and get some really cute shots! Yea!

  4. Ohhh I did hear that he let's both go. I dunno. I remember when he was on Jimmy Kimmel he kept avoiding questions and saying he couldn't say but Jimmy asked if he was in love and in the past the guys always respond to that like yes I am happy and he didn't even smile. dum dum dum

    Do you have a good buttercream frosting recipe? I want to use one of those frosting bags with a tip to make the top of the cupcakes look cool like yours do on your latest blog but I don't have a good recipe. I am usually lazy and just buy it but it doesn't look as cool with a butter knife lol. The raspberry looks good but I am looking for a neutral flavor for people that don't like raspberry. I am making cupcakes for a double boy shower so I want to dye it blue.
    I didn't even think of Michaels I always get their 40% off coupons. Trash day is today so I threw out last weeks but I will check Sunday. Thanks for the tip.
    My email is if you have a good recipe. That is an easier way to get a hold of me. Thanks