Happy Birthday to ME!

Man... birthdays are not as fun when your an adult! But I would say it was the most fulfilling birthday ever! It is amazing to have your amazing child with you all day! Last year he was just growing in my belly and this year he is  here on the outside with me! I am truly blessed! We celebrated my birthday on Saturday! It was so fun to have a day out with my boys! We went to my favorite lunch spot inside Nordstrom then the boys let me pick out any pair of Uggs I wanted. I hesitated because I have never fathomed spending so much on one pair of shoes! But since I never treat myself I decided to let them buy them for me! They are pretty comfy and very cute, let's see how they hold up! They better last forever! lol 
Vincent and I were snowed in today for lack of better words! The kids had off of school so I did not have to work, so we just stayed in and rented The Time Travelers Wife off on demand! There was no way I was driving to find it! lol I accidentally fell asleep during it though! I thin k I got a little bored since I have already read most of the book and I knew what was coming next! It was very well done from what I saw though! I love Rachel McAdams, I think she is such a great actress and Eric Bana wasn't too hard on the eyes! But thank god it was a 2 day rental so I can watch it again tomorrow! I am hoping that the kids have off so we can be lazy again! But it would be nice to get out of the house I guess! We will see as of now their school is open! We have to go out in the morning anyway, our Equinox is getting it's windows tinted, that's something I said it had to have when we bought it so the dealership is taking care of it! I just do not like people to be able to look in and see Vincent while I am driving! lol I may be a little crazy but I do not care! Well I have a few pics from Vincent helping me type earlier today! He bangs my laptop so hard, surprised it has not broken yet and he knows exactly where the power button is so he always turns it off when I am on it! lol Little turd! Well hope everyone is enjoying the snow! Hopefully now it will go away! :) Good night! 

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