So a few hours after posting last night, Vincent woke up and it was not his typical 30-second scream session, it was full blown couple of minutes complete with some wonderful hacking noises! I went in to get the poor guy and he just looked so sick! He started coughing so hard and it was so loud and his breathing just sounded horrid!  We called the pediatrician right away and she said it sounds exactly like Croup! We tried our best to calm him down and get him comfortable, then we rocked him to sleep with us! The poor guy snored so loud from all the congestion all night, I just laid there all night and stared at him to make sure he was okay. This is his first real time being sick and I just feel so helpless! He is doing a tad better today but I had him in the bathroom with the shower running for steam to loosen up the mucus build-up and then used the nasal aspirator (which he loves) to get a little bit out! They say it gets worse at night, but I am hoping we can kick it in the butt and make it easier for him! I have a feeling we will have lots of naps with him on my chest today! Which I am looking forward to! I will update later tonight! Say a prayer for the little man! 

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  1. Awww, praying the little fella feels better today and him and momma and pappa get some sleep tonight!