LENT begins tomorrow!

Cannot believe it is already Ash Wednesday again! Feels like just a few months ago we had it! Last year I did the RCIA program at my church and Lent was a busy time for us, as was for me and my last 40 days of pregnancy! I was due on Easter day, but was late by 7 days, but still counting down Lent and the last days of my pregnancy is something I will never forget. This year will be different though, last year I tried to give up chocolate which did not work, but this year I am giving up facebook! I am used to checking my facebook a few times a day! Sad, I know but it's something I do to pass the time! But starting tonight at midnight no facebook until Easter! I figured instead I will work on my blogging skills!

So here is to me trying to keep up on blogging for the next 40 days!

We had a busy weekend this past weekend! Jordan had a boys night which consisted of a few of the guys coming over! They watched Saw 6, and had pizza and beer, typical guy night! But I had said Vincent and I would not be joining them as Saw freaks me out! But they started watching it and it sucked me in! It was the first Saw movie to suck me in! The twists and turns were really exciting! But then Vincent and I hung out and he got a bath and we cuddled and read books before bed! My parents visited us on Sunday! It was so nice to see them again! We did dinner at the Macaroni Grill which is one of my faves, and I ate tons of bread! It made me happy which I was eating but not so happy later that night and into the next morning! My heartburn is seriously out of control this time around! I am eating so bland, I swear if I have a tiny bite of something that is greasy or sweet my stomach will be a mess! I am in week 13 and entering the 2nd trimester so I am hoping that it lets up! I remember with Vincent having it bad that Tums were my best friend but this time Tums do not even cut it! I am on the maximum dose of Zantac and eating a bland diet! I just want to be able to eat normal and have Italian or anything with a little spice! Hopefully here soon! :)

The kids had a snow day today so I had them all day! It was a long day for sure! I am not used to having them all day, I am only used to after school! Vincent refused to nap today so that was not fun at all! I think he was just so excited to be with the kids! But he passed out like a light right when we started driving home! I was nervous that the roads would be bad considering our neighborhood streets are covered! But once I got on the main roads it was as if it never snowed! I was so happy! I am praying that the kids have school tomorrow so we can rest and sleep in a little bit!

On top of our busy weekend, a pen exploded in our dryer! :) GLORIOUS! It exploded in a load of Vincent's things! I noticed one of his shirts had a black streak on it and then we found the pen! It is all over a ton of is stuff! It breaks my heart bc I take such good care of his things so our next son can wear them! But I am not sure what I am going to do with this load! I think I am going to try to salvage the most impoartant pieces as best I can! But the dryer itself was covered with ink! I read online to try rubbing alcohol and it kind of worked then I did rubbing alcohol with a magic eraser pad, and it helped a little more but there are still a couple streaks and it is tinted blue! So tonight I tried a towel soaked in a bleach/water solution! It kind of helped but tomorrow I am going to try Comet and bleach! I just hope it comes out! I think it is going to be okay I just do not want to ruin anymore clothes! If you have any tips of how to get it out of clothing please let me know!!

As for now I am exhausted and ready to hit the sack! Hope everyone has an amazing night and rest of the week!

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