Fridays are my favorite day of the week! Not only is it grocery day but Vincent and I also usually sleep in and cuddle! Vincent is usually up at 7ish and I give him a morning feeding then we cuddle in nice and snug in our bed! This morning we had to get the baked goodies to the church by 11:30-12 and my alarm went off at 10:15, and I just kept hitting snooze until about 10:45, but that did not stop Vincent from snoozing like a champ! I got up & got ready and needless to say he did not....

This was him at 11:20!
He was totally zonked! I made him a quick bottle and then finally woke him up and got him dressed and off we went!

It was so nice to finally see the sun today! All the crazy iciles are melting off everyone's house! Kind of sad because I loved looking at them! But I do love the warmth of the sun on my face! It is glorious! Also love that Vincent gets his daily dose of Vitamin D! :)

I was reading one of my favorite blogs and loved her take on daily photographs! "I photograph something in our life every single day. And because of it, I don't need a therapist. And, from time to time, I'll spend a good hour or so going back and reliving it, reminding myself just how blessed we are, where we've been, and how far we've come."
I used to take photos all the time and I need to start up again! The other night I had trouble sleeping and I just went through all of my photos of Vincent from his arrival to now! It is such a wonderful ride to watch him grow in the photos! I am truly so very blessed to have his smiling face everyday with me!

I love this photo of him @ 6 days old laying on my stomach! I just remember laying there with him imagining that he was just inside my stomach and what a miracle it was to have him on the outside!

My little man is truly growing so fast!

The past few weeks he has been falling asleep on my chest after his bottles and the one night, it was actually on my birthday he had cuddled up on my chest in his rocking chair in his room and I was seriously so happy that he was cuddled up to me that I tried my best to get comfy there in the chair thinking "I can sleep here, I need to soak in all this love!" but the chair just wasn't cutting it, I decided that since it was a rare occasion that he was so happy sleeping on my chest that I would sneak over to our room and prop myself up in bed and let him sleep on my chest til he woke up! And I did just that! I was so happy, I did not care if I got any sleep, it is just a blissful moment! I just know here soon when my belly gets bigger I will not be able to have those sweet little chances to cuddle up with my little guy! So I take it all in when I can!

Jordan thinks I am crazy! Maybe it is just a "Mom Thing" :)

Tonight I had a little girls night, well kind of! One of my best friends, Arielle came over and we went to see the movie, Valentine's Day! It was nice to have a few hours out of the house! The movie, I thought was very good! It was packed with so many big stars but I thought they did a great job! Definitely not a movie Jordan would have liked, but thats what girls nights are for! But if you have seen the movie, there is one part at the end that made me feel so lucky to have my little man to come home to and hug ever so tightly! That part brought tears to my eyes!

It was a great Friday, looking forward to the rest of the weekend!

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  1. love all your snuggle stories...that's so precious...