Pregnancy Questions!

I figure this will probably be fun to read through later. 
About the mommy!

About the daddy!

JordanAge 24First child? No it is our second!
Name Allie Age 24First child? No it is our second! :)
Finding out!!

Telling the grandparents!

How did ur parents react? They were surprised, and overly excited. They of course cried! :)How did his parents react? They were really excited too. Are they helping with baby names? No, we are already set in stone on the names!Have they bought anything for the baby yet? Not that I know of! How often do they call to check on u? I talk to my mom and dad almost everyday; we talk to Jordans family a few times a month
About the pregnancy!

About the birth!


Other random questions!!

Where was ur baby conceived? Probably at home in bed?Have you felt the baby move? I don't think yetWhat race will your baby have? From you and daddy? Caucasian with German mixed in Do you have stretch marks? A few from Vincent, but they faded quick! Hoping to be lucky again! What was your first symptom? Super tired and just felt sickWhat religion will the baby know? And from what side? Catholic, both sideWhat music or interests do you want the baby to know? I will open my baby to all the options there are and let him or her choice their favorite Will ur baby have godparents? Yes, already have them picked! :)What is the baby's room theme? Depends on the sex! If a boy, the same as Vincent had but if a girl I want to do pink and green paisley print! The baby will be in our room for a few months so I will have time to decide!What was the first thing u bought for the baby? A bought a ton of "My first Christmas" stuff from Carters! It was on sale so I stocked up! Are u ready to be a mommy? I am very ready to be a mommy of 2!! :)
Do u have a name picked out? We have had them for awhile lol :)Girl names... Lilly AnnBoy names... Luke CosmasIs ur baby going to be named after someone? Lilly is just a name we love, Ann was my Grandmother's middle name who just passed away a few months ago, and Luke and Cosmas are saints that we like
Do u know what u r taking with u? Yea have my list from last time stillWho is going to be with u? Jordan, my Doula Leona, and both sets of my parents! Are u going to videotape it? I think this time I will for sureNatural or medicated? All natural again! Do u think u will need a c-section? I hope not, unless I have placenta problems again! Will u cry with u hold ur baby for the first time? Of course! AHHH best moment ever! Do u know what u will say to the baby when u first hold him/her? Probably something like "Hi Baby" or "OMG your a boy or a girl!"Are u scared about the labor? Not too bad, but no labor is the same so there is always the fear of the unknown but at least I made it through it once!
When was ur first appointment? Jan 13thWhen is ur due date? August 20th, 2010How far along r u? I am I think between 12-13 weeksPre-pregnancy weight? 120Weight now?  I think it is 122Have u had an ultrasound? Yes we had one at 10 weeks! The baby was moving around like crazy with a great heartbeat!Have u heard the heartbeat? Yep! Music to my ears! What was the heartbeat? 150'sSex of the baby! We are not finding out this time around! What do u want? I really am up in the air, but another boy would be nice! What does the daddy want? Boy or girl, he is happy with either! What do u think u r having? I really have a weird feeling that it is a girl!
What day did u find out? Thursday December 17thHow did u feel when u found out? Shocked a little but totally stoked! 
Who was with u? Jordan, he is actually the one who saw it first I had taken the test and waited a minute and the results looked negative so I left it on the counter while I cooked dinner, well Jordan went to the bathroom and saw it and came out and said "HUH, are you sure it was negative" with a big smile on his face! :)Who was the first peson u told? My momHow did they react? She was excited as can be!How did the daddy react? He was very excited! 

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