RIP Laptop!

My laptop took a turn for the worse this week, I have had problems with it but I thought it was fixed, hopefully Jordan or Alex can bring her back to life for me once again! So I have been having to wait for Jordan to get home to log on and most of the time I am too tired to post!

Well last post I was talking about our 14 week appointment and it went very well! The baby's heartbeat was in the 160s, so that is good, I remember Vincent was always in the 160s as well! Next appointment is our 20 week ultrasound so I cannot wait to see that everything looks good with the baby and that he/she is forming well! We are still deciding to NOT find out the sex but I have a plan so that we will have the correct color outfit and blankets waiting for us after delivery! :) My doctor has vacation the second week of August so I am praying I do not go early as I really want her to be there, she was so excited when we told her we were not finding out the sex! So I really hope I go on time or even late again so I can have all my key players there! 

I have a few pictures to post from the past week! 

When Vincent was sick he crawled over to the cat and put his arm around her! He laid there like this for a few minutes...Totally priceless! 

Vincent has started to play catch with Verner, he even throws the ball! Its hilarious!

Ready to play in the bath!

Loves the water coming out of the faucet!

My belly after our appointment! 14 weeks 5 days!

I got Vincent his first tooth brush! :)

Up to no good in the bathroom drawers!! 

Rubbing and banging his tooth brush on everything!

He can now flush the toilet! He is so fascinated with the toilet, and he is smart enough to open the toilet lid even though we have baby locks on them! Needless to say the bathroom doors are always closed!

Another favorite is the remote! He knows exactly what it does and loves to turn the tv on and off! He also likes to turn the DVD player on and off when we use it! :)

Cupcakes we made today, I was trying to get a tasty blue icing for Vincent's Birthday Party! It is a Fresh Blueberry Buttercream with Royal Blue coloring added!

Vincent had a few bites of a cupcake!

Vincent looks forward to smashing and eating a GIANT one here soon!

The cupcakes turned out great today now I just need to figure out a good one with green icing, I am thinking Chocolate cupcake with Mint Buttercream and Oreos! I ordered his plates and decorations and they are obviously mainly green and blue with cupcakes on them! Jordan laughed at the cupcakes on the decorations but I think it will bring it all together! I cannot wait to get them! I am excited!

Jordan has 2 weeks left! I seriously cannot believe it! It seems like only yesterday that he started school, he has really been cranking it out, he finished a semester early! I am so proud of him! I am not sure what he is going to do with all his free time! I think it will take awhile for him to adjust! It will be nice to get our family on a better schedule though! 

I am so lame, but I am so excited to see what happens on The Bachelor this week! I saw while we were in line at the grocery that he visited Ali and Vienna was upset, so I am not sure if he chooses Vienna then dumps Jason did to Melissa? I guess I will have to wait and see but I will be sure to post about it! If you watched last week could you believe Rozlyn? I mean seriously come on just tell the truth, she looked like a complete liar with all the eye witnesses! I just do not like that she swore on her son's life about the allegations!

Trying to think of something exciting, my days all blur together I swear! Well yesterday we went to dinner with my friend Christina and her beau Joe, they are expecting their first right around Vincent's birthday! She is seriously the cutest pregnant girl ever! She does not look pregnant at all minus her baby Maddox bump! But, I cannot wait to go to the hospital and hold him! I seriously love everything about newborns! There is so much love and excitement when they arrive! I cannot wait!

Well I am getting sleepy, and we have to be at 830 mass since Jordan has a Knights of Columbus thing all afternoon so I better try to get a few hours of sleep in! I will try to keep updating as much as I can, hopefully once Jordan is done with school we can revive my laptop! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and a great week ahead!

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