My goodness it has snowed a TON! I did not think it would be this much! Vincent and I ran to the store at like 10 when it started and by the time we got out it was pretty bad! Thank God I went to the store early or else I would not have went! I really hope it clears up quick because my parents were supposed to come visit on Sunday! But if not they will come next weekend! But the good news is we can take Vincent out in the snow in his snow suit and sleigh as we have yet to do this! And by next year he clearly will not fit in the snow suit since he is a growing little boy

My birthday is on Tuesday! Birthdays are never as fun when you are an adult, really just another day in my book! lol But the good thing is The Time Travelers Wife comes out on DVD!! So that means I need to finish the book before Tuesday! I started the book in August, shows you how much time I get to myself! haha! But I really need to get it finished so I can compare the movie to it! Jordan got to see the movie on his flight to Taiwan and he said it was actually really good, which is HUGE coming from him! So I am excited to see it! 

Jordan heard back from a job in our city so that is great! It would be nice if he got that job so we wouldn't have to relocate and sell our house as I was not looking forward to that as we want to try to sell it ourselves first before we get a relator but we probably would not have been able to if we had to move last minute!! We will see... but he only has 6 more weeks!!!!!! :) :) 

This week has been emotional as I am pregnant but I have been pondering on a lot lately! This woman from my birth club (April 2009) on Babycenter lost her son Wyatt, who was 9 months old! Her ex-boyfriend killed the baby and himself! It has been huge news! It is all over the internet like crazy! This man had everything posted on facebook and on a website he made. He was seriously crazy! He posted every conversation he had with her and she tried to get a restraining order from him and it was denied! Then he wrote her this crazy letter and it was a story about their relationship and it had two alternate endings: One where they were happy together and the other was where he killed himself and their son! She took that to the courts and tried again to get a restraining order, the judge pretty much told her she was lying and that he sees this in a lot of custody cases where women will claim abuse to get the child. Well he once again denied her and said the father was no threat to the child! Well a week later the bastard took his poor sons life and his own! My heart seriously aches for her! I will post the link if you want to read it! Since then she has responded to our group sending her thanks to all of us for our prayers, we also started a fund and sent flowers to Wyatt's memorial! If you would like to donate let me know! It is truly such a tragedy that this poor little child was taken from earth this soon! This story is seriously heart wrenching!

Another thing I have been pondering is this beautiful blog that was also on babycenter! It is seriously the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my life! It will bring so many tears to you but they will be tears of joy at the end! I have read this blog post a few times! It is so amazing! ENJOY!

Sometimes it feels so great to cry! I seriously felt a relief from crying after reading this blog! Sometimes it is good to let go of your emotions and let them flow! 

I will leave tonight with a picture of my little man playing in the kitchen! I gave him chop sticks and he was banging everything!! He is so hilarious and brings so much joy to my life! Being a mother is a true blessing! I am very fortunate to have the life that I have with such an amazing family, and I know it is all thanks to God! 
    Good Night everyone! Have fun in the SNOW!!! :)


  1. V is getting soooooo big!!! He is turning into a little boy!

  2. I know Chrissy! It is so sad!! haha But exciting at the same time!! I cannot wait to have you snap pictures again, this time he will smile! haha