Vincent's Crooked Smile! :)

Before I start...I have never watched American Idol, but this year I have been sucked in...mostly because of these two!  Enjoy if you have not already seen this!
Andrew Garica
DiDi Benami
Both give me chills!

So this morning I finally charged our camera and started capturing more photos of Vincent. He is going to wonder where months 7 and 8 of his life are considering I only have a few photos and others months I have hundreds! But I am going to make up for it! Well today started off slow, we got up early around 7:30 which killed my soul, but I made it work! :) I had a Respect Life meeting at church at 9:45, which was a nice break for me to get some well needed "ADULT" conversation time! Then I came home to a wonderful napping son! :) He slept for an entire hour and 15 mins which is great for nap time! Then he woke up and we started playing!!....

Showing off his walking skills with a HUGE SMILE!

and out of no where today he started with the funniest smile ever...his crooked smile!

He totally cracks us up! He just kept snorting and laughing and scrunching his face up! He seriously brings so much laughter to my day and I am so blessed to have him!

Today was actually his 10 month birthday! :) Growing so fast! :(

The boys decided to look in the basket at the same time for toys!

Time for some fun in the tub! But Vincent is so serious! :)

I love this picture....Papa Bear came in to splash around and I love him staring up at Jordan!

A little x-rated but cute non the less! What a ham!

So fresh and So clean! :)
After bath time we had dinner, it is so nice to have Vincent eating exactly what we eat for dinner! He loves all the flavors and textures! I am so proud of everything that he tries, he has not turned one thing down yet...knock on wood! He even liked Fish yesterday! Over dinner Jordan and I discussed how crazy and exciting having baby #2 is going to be! We are getting more and more excited with each day passing, maybe it is just becoming more real now that we are in the second trimester! We are so anxious to meet him or her and we have fully decided to NOT know the sex of this baby until delivery! I cannot wait to hear my midwife say "Its a BOY or It's a GIRL", I know we will all be crying and I think Jordan will be even more emotional this time around considering it could be his little daddy's girl! He got a huge grin tonight when we talked about how crazy it would be to raise a girl since all we know is blues and greens! I would love another boy, but I am happy with he/she just being a healthy little baby!

We ended our night with some more fun time and then it was time for bed! I have had bad sinus congestion all week and tonight I noticed Vincent was getting all stuffy before bed so I am praying he does not get sick! Well off to bed to hopefully kick this sinus bug and I hope Vincent does the same and hopefully Jordan will not get it! Have a great night!

Last thing...The song playing has been in my head since the movie we saw last night! I love it! Another great catchy hit Taylor!

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