Where did my newborn go!?

Vincent is starting to look more and more like a toddler!! Where has this past year went!?!? It seriously feels like just the other day we were on our way to the hospital to have him! I plan on recapping that whole day on his birthday here in a few weeks, but I am in total shock at how fast he is truly growing. Everyone tells you when they are newborns how fast it flies by, and when you are in the thick of it you think "ya right!" But it is so  very true! But everyday has been a true blessing and I cannot for all the years we have to come!

A few photos from today

My little man!

His face melts my heart!

"Hey Mommy!"

V squared! Best buddies!

Loved swinging with Nathan!


Vincent loves his Maggie!

Me and V!

Thought this was cute! Vincent and Christian (Mags friend) checking out the prickly tree thing!


Lots of planning to be done! I am planning for our first pretty big Easter here at our house! I am very excited! We are expecting a ton of our family and a few friends, should be an amazing time! I am just making my lists and checking them twice to make sure we have everything ready for a weekend full of house guests and lots of love and fun! 

I finished Vincent's Easter Basket, this will be the only year I will be able to get away with no candy and all clothing! :) I found the cutest felt basket at Target, I figured I could reuse it for toy storage! Next year he will be able to enjoy some candy! But this year, he gets more clothing! lol 

I lied last post about Vincent popping his 5th tooth, he is actually popping his 5th and 6th!! He must like having the evenness on top and bottom because they are the same tooth on top and bottom! Perfect! :) He also was a little sick today and yesterday, he slept in Sunday until 11:30 and today until 10:30! He was exhausted from our busy weekend, I am sure it will be the same this weekend! He will just need some extra naps! He has been walking a ton more in the past 24 hours! He gets the BIGGEST grin on his face when he does it! I will be taking some pictures tomorrow so you all can see! :) 

Our 20 week ultrasound is on Thursday! I am so excited! I just want to see our baby and know that everything is growing perfectly! It is kind of nerve racking, but I am sure this one will be just as healthy and strong as Vincent! I am also nervous about my placenta position, last time I had a small amount of placenta previa but thank God it moved by 28 weeks, I am hoping we do not have complications as I do not want a c-section! So say a prayer for me  that we will not have to worry about it this time! :) 

Jordan is taking a half day Thursday so we can go to the Zoo with his mom! We took Vincent a few times last year but clearly he had no clue what was going on, but I know he will LOVE it this time! I cannot wait to see his face when he sees all the animals! :) And the weather is supposed to be amazing! Jordan is also off on Friday and I think we might plan a picnic for before or after Vincent's Gymboree. I am so excited for Jordan to get to see the class!! He will love it! 

Well that is all for now! I will post more later this week! xoxo!


“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” Anthony Brandt

Family is by FAR the most important thing in my life and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family, not only my immediate family but also my in-laws! Having my dad here yesterday and today was a true blessing! I love getting to spend time with him and to watch him with Vincent! He just lights up watching Vincent do things! I am so grateful for my relationship with him and it just grows more and more everyday! I also love Jordan's relationship with him! We also got to spend time with some of Jordan's family this weekend which was also amazing! I just love being surrounded with our loved ones!! I cannot wait for Easter next weekend and also Vincent's birthday to have more quality time with them all! 

Like I said we had a packed full weekend so far! Last night we did our church's fish fry with my dad and one of our friends, Harold. Jordan's sister and family met us there as well, and then we all did ice cream! Is there any better way to spend the evening!? :)

Today, my dad and Jordan hit up the State Championship games bright and early, Vincent and I hung around the house and got his 1 year old pictures taken with Chrissy! The funny thing is his pictures were not supposed to be for a few weeks but she was coming through town and he is popping another tooth and I love his 4 tooth smile right now so I decided to have them done early...well HE BARELY SHOWED HIS TEETH for her!! haha He was super crabby! 

The Giant Cupcake I made for Vincent's photos! Compared to the size of a regular cupcake holder.

Cannot wait to post the pics of the shoot....

Quick bath after the cupcake!

The funny thing is after the shoot he was all smiles on the way to the game! What a little stinker I swear! But despite the barely showing of his teeth, I know she got some great pictures! After a quick bath from him destroying his cupcake in his photos we met up with Jordan, my dad and Jordans brother in law and our nephews for lunch! We went to this awesome burger place and of course I told Jordan to just order Vincent and I a grilled cheese, stupid me! The burgers were AMAZING! They serve Bison Burgers which I have never even heard of and they tasted like heaven! Here is their website, if you have one in your area definitely go to it! http://www.tedsmontanagrill.com/ Also their homemade chips and dip were super yummy!

I sat in the backseat with Vincent, it is funny to watch what he does since I am usually driving!

Nice smiles!

Total goofball!

If you look close you can see the new tooth popping through on the right side!! :) 5 teeth!!! :)

His normal car ride ritual of ripping his socks off! haha!

HAHA! He was so funny! Time to chew on my feet Mom!!

After lunch we took Vincent to his first ever basketball game, it was the State Championship game, Jordans old highschool was playing and sadly they lost! But it was still a great time, Vincent did awesome at the game, he totally took it all in! 

Daddy kisses! :)

Watching the game!

Time to sit on Grandpas lap!

Getting a closer look!

Me and my little man!

"Im over it Mom!" look

One of Vincent's fave places to ride....Daddy's shoulders! 

Chubby cheeks and pouty lips! :)

My two boys!

After the game we did a quick dinner more of a snack at Chipotle, which always burns my soul, but is so good! Then we finally returned home and have been having a good family night! 

Cheap "Easter Trees" I made for our tables for Easter Dinner! $4.00 for all 3!!

Vincent is not feeling too hot though, so I am hoping a good nights sleep will help him! Knock on wood! Well it is time for bed! Till next time xoxo....

Push, Push, PUSH!

Here is a picture from Vincent's Gymboree class today, It is of him, Henry and Lyla pushing the big rolling mat across the floor! It was hilarious because the first week he fell down and just watched the other kids and then last week he pushed good but this week him and Henry were in charge and pushing their little hearts out! My dad got to go to class with us today and he LOVED it! He said he probably had more fun than the kids!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Date Night tomorrow!!!!!

Yey! Jordan and I have a date tomorrow! :) We have not had a date out since our Castle Trip on New Years Day! I cannot wait to have a nice dinner with just my husband! Not that I will not miss Vincent, but it will just be nice to sit and chat alone! Vincent will be enjoying himself at his Godmothers playing with the kids! Thank God we have them here in town, I feel totally at ease with Vincent there! Jordan and I will be going to The Melting Pot! The best fondue place ever! We actually went there for our 3 month anniversary! haha How funny to look back and see that we celebrated small occasions like that! We were so in love that it did not matter, we always wanted to celebrate it! :) But I cannot wait to eat their food, my mouth literally waters just thinking about it! I will be sure to take my camera so you all can take it in! The dessert of course is the best.... YUM!!!

We had a empty weekend but it QUICKLY filled up! Jordan's dad is coming down Thursday evening and they are going to the State HS Basketball games, then if their team wins they will be going again Saturday! My Dad is coming down Friday and staying with us the weekend as my step-mom is visiting her son in NYC, he knew he would be lonely without her so he is coming to visit and I am so happy to have him! My dad also will be going to basketball games if the team wins! lol Jordan's sister will also be in town Friday for work! Then, Saturday, if weather permits Vincent is getting his 1 year old pictures done by the best photographer, my friend Chrissy! So we will be busy bodies this weekend! I am totally looking forward to it and next weekend is just as crazy if not MORE crazy! We have our ultrasound Thursday to see our little baby at 20 weeks, and Jordan's mom is coming to visit and do the Zoo with us, then the weekend we have a FULL house for Easter and then finally Easter Dinner on Sunday with our family and friends! We will have a few calm weekends then it will be Vincent's Birthday! I love the fact that we will get to spend this whole month with the ones we love! It will be so great! Well I am exhausted thinking about all the upcoming events, it is time to hit the sack! Have a good night and day everyone!! xoxo

Cannot believe this!

Jordan told me about a story of a Florida nanny who was caught on nanny-cam pretty much beating an 11-month old child! It seriously makes me SICK to my stomach! Being a nanny myself and having Vincent I do NOT know how you could do this! If you are a nanny you are supposed to love children! Come on! Here is the link but I am warning you it is DISTURBING! This just adds fuel to the fire of why I am so weary about ever having a sitter who is not family!

Update: Alex attempts the front walk-over!

Alex laughed at Jordan's video I posted! He claimed he could do a front walk-over! Well here is his attempt:

The video does not even do it justice. His landing was the loudest boom I have ever heard in our house! It was insane, but also HILARIOUS!

Successful Day!

We had a great day! We got both of the cars cleaned out and washed and got a lot of house work done! I also may have bought a few onsies that are pink today! Woops! I can return them if it is a boy, so no biggie! But they are cute! So many more choices for girls than boys! Jordan loved the daddy onsie! Definitely made him smile! I also found the cutest little fleece outfit, it was only $4! I will be keeping it or else giving it to someone who has a girl, it is so cute! See below! :) I think I will totally be jinxing myself and it will for sure be a boy because of this! But I am truly happy with which ever gender as long as him or her is healthy and happy! :)

But most importantly today, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! We officially beat Sonic 2 tonight! I will give most of the credit to Jordan for beating the bosses in the last few levels! :) It was so exciting to beat it! Now we will move onto Sonic 1 or Sonic 3 or the handful of other Sonic games on the disk! Now time time to hit the sack! xoxo

Here is a few photos! Of course tub time is included!

His hair is getting blonder daily! It is insane!

All smiles!


The ending screen! Love the taste of victory! :)


The Secret of the Town With No Divorce

This is a great story that was sent to me a friend of ours:

The Cross of Christ Custom for Marriage

Sr Emmanuel, a French sister of the Beatitude community, who lives in Medjujorje, shares one of the beautiful local customs regarding marriage

In the town of Siroki-Brijeg in Herzegovina not one single divorce has been recorded among its 13,000 inhabitants. Not one single family has broken up in living memory. For centuries, because of the pressure of the Turks and then the Communists, the people suffered cruelly as their Christian faith was always threatened. They knew through experience that salvation comes through the cross of Christ. That is why they have indissolubly linked marriage to the Cross of Christ.. they have founded marriage which brings forth human life, on the Cross, which brings forth divine life. The Croation marriage tradition is so beautiful that it is beginning to take hold in Europe and America too.When a couple is preparing for marriage, they are not told that they have found the ideal partner. No! What does the priest say? "You have found your cross. And it is a cross to be loved, to be carried, a cross not to be thrown away, but to be cherished." I know if fiances were told this in my home country France, they would be struck dumb. But in Herzegovina, the Cross represents the greatest love and the crucifix is the treasure of the home.

When the bride and groom set off for the church, they bring a crucifix with them. The priest blesses the crucifix, which takes on a central role during the exchange of vows. The bride places her right hand on the crucifix and the groom places his hand over heers. Thus the two hands are bound together on the cross. The priest covers their hands with his stole as they proclaim their vows to be faithful according to the rites of the Church.

The bride and groom do not then kiss each other, they rather kiss the cross. They know that they are kissing the source of love. Anyone close enough to see their two hands joined over the cross understands clearly that if the husband abandons his wife or if the wife abandons her husband they let go of the cross. And if they abandon the cross they have nothing left. They have lost everything for they have abandoned Jesus. They have lost Jesus.

After the ceremony, the newly weds bring the crucifix back and give it a place of honour in their home. It becomes the focal point of family prayer, for the young couple believes deeply that the family is born of the Cross. When a trouble arises or if a conflict breaks out, it is before this cross that they will seek help. They will not go to a lawyer, they will not consult a fortune teller or an astrologer, they will not rely on a psychologist to solve the problem. No, they will go straight before their Jesus, before the cross. They'll get on their knees there and in front of Jesus they will weep their tears and pour out their hearts, and above all exchange their forgiveness. They will not go to sleep with a heavy heart because they will have turned to Jesus, the only One who has the power to save.

They will teach their children to kiss the cross every day and not to go to sleep like pagans without having thanks Jesus first. As for the children, as far back as they can remember, Jesus has always been the friend of the family, respected and embraced. They say "nighty, night" to Jesus and kiss the cross. (As Fr Jozo says "They go to sleep with Jesus, not a teddy bear") They know that Jesus is holding them in his arms and that there is nothing to be afraid of, and their fears melt away in their kiss to Jesus. 

The thing I like is that we did something similar during our wedding, a fellow parishioner who attends morning mass with Jordan knew of our upcoming wedding, He stopped Jordan one morning and let him know his prayers would be with us on our special day and handed him two crucifix pendants, one blue and one red. And during our ceremony the priest told the story and blessed those for us. I felt so blessed that day not only to be marrying Jordan but to have the love of a parishioner who I have never met with a gift like that. But I fully agree that Christ needs to be the center of your marriage and also your relationships with your children. I cannot wait for the traditions we are setting with Vincent to be passed on through the generations, I will fully know that we have done our part. 

Another Milestone...

and by far the most exciting and surreal moment I have had thus far! Vincent took his first steps and walked tonight! I was so happy that both Jordan and I were there to catch this milestone together! It seriously was like it happened in slow motion! Vincent was cruising along the couch like always and was in the corner and I was on the floor in front of him and I reached to see if he would come and sure enough HE DID! He took his first steps right there in front of me! He stood so tall with the biggest smile on his face and lifted his feet so perfectly! I seriously almost fell over with excitement! I thought the excitement of his actual birth was huge, but this one truly ranks up there with it! We tried to get him on video but he would hear the beep from the camcorder and get side tracked! I am sure we will have lots more walking this weekend and I will be sure to upload a video once we get one! I really think his play classes as helping him to take risks and push himself! The past 2 weeks he has been the one of the only ones still crawling so he watches the other ones run and walk. He was also way more active in class with the songs and interacting! He clapped along and tried lots of new obstacles! I am totally in love with our Friday classes!
Another thing I love is the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous outside! We met Arielle for lunch at our amazing outdoor mall and ate outside at Cosi! It was totally perfect weather! I LOVE eating outside and watching everyone walking by! There were so many babies out for strolls with their parents! I think we will be heading there way more often on Fridays! I also love that we now are back to taking our family walks at night! Verner definitely is loving that! Tomorrow, if it is nice again we might hit up the Zoo or a park to enjoy the sun! I cannot wait for summer! Minus the being super pregnant part! haha I am not sure how I will feel in a swim suit!! Time will tell! 
We are officially 18 weeks today! I love my weekly updates from Babycenter! Here it is: Head to rump, your baby is about 5 1/2 inches long (about the length of a bell pepper) and he weighs almost 7 ounces. He's busy flexing his arms and legs — movements that you'll start noticing more and more in the weeks ahead. His blood vessels are visible through his thin skin, and his ears are now in their final position, although they're still standing out from his head a bit. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around his nerves, a process that will continue for a year after he's born. If you're having a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place. If you're having a boy, his genitals are noticeable now, but he may hide them during an ultrasound. 
I am feeling kicks way more often now and I LOVE IT! I love feeling him or her and knowing they are having a blast in my belly! It is so reassuring! I cannot wait til the kicks are bigger so I can let Vincent feel them! So far from the gender poll most of you think the baby will be a girl! I am so tempted to find out at our ultrasound but I know there are not many rare moments in life like the surprise of your babies gender during delivery! The funny thing is typically I cannot stand surprises, growing up I always knew what I was getting for Christmas or any holiday, sorry mom and dad you were not to great at hiding presents!! If you have ever read Glenn Becks "A Christmas Sweater", I was exactly like Eddie! But I think this is one surprise I will allow, and I know it will be AMAZING! Sorry everyone will have to wait til August as well! :) 
Time to hit the sack! Jordan is totally out already, he said he was exhausted from our late night of Sonic, which we did not beat! Sadly we got right to the end and ran out of lives! We will get you Eggman this weekend and conquer the game! Hope you all have an amazing, sunny weekend! 

Sonic Time!!

It's a late night but this time Jordan is joining me! We decided to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 once we put Vincent down for bed! Needless to say, we have not moved an inch since we started at 9! We will beat this game! This game we got is seriously amazing! It has every Sonic known to mankind! Well off to finish the game with Jordy! Have a good night everyone! 

Jordan just vowed "I will stay up all night if I have to, to beat this game!" 

Jordan in the heat of the moment during a battle with the boss! "Sonic IS NEVER DONE!" 

Always a SMILE!

A few new photos of our CRAZY little man! 

Totally in love with him!

His super excited crooked smile!

Hey mom!! Look at me go!

 Having so much fun walking!

Go Vincent!!!