Date Night tomorrow!!!!!

Yey! Jordan and I have a date tomorrow! :) We have not had a date out since our Castle Trip on New Years Day! I cannot wait to have a nice dinner with just my husband! Not that I will not miss Vincent, but it will just be nice to sit and chat alone! Vincent will be enjoying himself at his Godmothers playing with the kids! Thank God we have them here in town, I feel totally at ease with Vincent there! Jordan and I will be going to The Melting Pot! The best fondue place ever! We actually went there for our 3 month anniversary! haha How funny to look back and see that we celebrated small occasions like that! We were so in love that it did not matter, we always wanted to celebrate it! :) But I cannot wait to eat their food, my mouth literally waters just thinking about it! I will be sure to take my camera so you all can take it in! The dessert of course is the best.... YUM!!!

We had a empty weekend but it QUICKLY filled up! Jordan's dad is coming down Thursday evening and they are going to the State HS Basketball games, then if their team wins they will be going again Saturday! My Dad is coming down Friday and staying with us the weekend as my step-mom is visiting her son in NYC, he knew he would be lonely without her so he is coming to visit and I am so happy to have him! My dad also will be going to basketball games if the team wins! lol Jordan's sister will also be in town Friday for work! Then, Saturday, if weather permits Vincent is getting his 1 year old pictures done by the best photographer, my friend Chrissy! So we will be busy bodies this weekend! I am totally looking forward to it and next weekend is just as crazy if not MORE crazy! We have our ultrasound Thursday to see our little baby at 20 weeks, and Jordan's mom is coming to visit and do the Zoo with us, then the weekend we have a FULL house for Easter and then finally Easter Dinner on Sunday with our family and friends! We will have a few calm weekends then it will be Vincent's Birthday! I love the fact that we will get to spend this whole month with the ones we love! It will be so great! Well I am exhausted thinking about all the upcoming events, it is time to hit the sack! Have a good night and day everyone!! xoxo

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