“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” Anthony Brandt

Family is by FAR the most important thing in my life and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family, not only my immediate family but also my in-laws! Having my dad here yesterday and today was a true blessing! I love getting to spend time with him and to watch him with Vincent! He just lights up watching Vincent do things! I am so grateful for my relationship with him and it just grows more and more everyday! I also love Jordan's relationship with him! We also got to spend time with some of Jordan's family this weekend which was also amazing! I just love being surrounded with our loved ones!! I cannot wait for Easter next weekend and also Vincent's birthday to have more quality time with them all! 

Like I said we had a packed full weekend so far! Last night we did our church's fish fry with my dad and one of our friends, Harold. Jordan's sister and family met us there as well, and then we all did ice cream! Is there any better way to spend the evening!? :)

Today, my dad and Jordan hit up the State Championship games bright and early, Vincent and I hung around the house and got his 1 year old pictures taken with Chrissy! The funny thing is his pictures were not supposed to be for a few weeks but she was coming through town and he is popping another tooth and I love his 4 tooth smile right now so I decided to have them done early...well HE BARELY SHOWED HIS TEETH for her!! haha He was super crabby! 

The Giant Cupcake I made for Vincent's photos! Compared to the size of a regular cupcake holder.

Cannot wait to post the pics of the shoot....

Quick bath after the cupcake!

The funny thing is after the shoot he was all smiles on the way to the game! What a little stinker I swear! But despite the barely showing of his teeth, I know she got some great pictures! After a quick bath from him destroying his cupcake in his photos we met up with Jordan, my dad and Jordans brother in law and our nephews for lunch! We went to this awesome burger place and of course I told Jordan to just order Vincent and I a grilled cheese, stupid me! The burgers were AMAZING! They serve Bison Burgers which I have never even heard of and they tasted like heaven! Here is their website, if you have one in your area definitely go to it! Also their homemade chips and dip were super yummy!

I sat in the backseat with Vincent, it is funny to watch what he does since I am usually driving!

Nice smiles!

Total goofball!

If you look close you can see the new tooth popping through on the right side!! :) 5 teeth!!! :)

His normal car ride ritual of ripping his socks off! haha!

HAHA! He was so funny! Time to chew on my feet Mom!!

After lunch we took Vincent to his first ever basketball game, it was the State Championship game, Jordans old highschool was playing and sadly they lost! But it was still a great time, Vincent did awesome at the game, he totally took it all in! 

Daddy kisses! :)

Watching the game!

Time to sit on Grandpas lap!

Getting a closer look!

Me and my little man!

"Im over it Mom!" look

One of Vincent's fave places to ride....Daddy's shoulders! 

Chubby cheeks and pouty lips! :)

My two boys!

After the game we did a quick dinner more of a snack at Chipotle, which always burns my soul, but is so good! Then we finally returned home and have been having a good family night! 

Cheap "Easter Trees" I made for our tables for Easter Dinner! $4.00 for all 3!!

Vincent is not feeling too hot though, so I am hoping a good nights sleep will help him! Knock on wood! Well it is time for bed! Till next time xoxo....

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