Great News for my FAVORITE Blog!

I have spoken once before about this blog and HOW AMAZING it is! The mother who writes it is a true inspiration and has a way with her words to open up readers eyes to what life is all about. She has helped me to take a step back and cherish and capture special moments with my family. Her photos are truly breath-taking as well! 

Here was her big news! "I was contacted today by CNN. And they want to share Nella's story and the way this blog and the beauty of what her story is doing has traveled around the world. And, next week, we're going to be interviewed as the "Connector of the Day" on the Primetime show Connect the World with Becky Anderson"

Here again is the link to her blog. I encourage all of you to read it, it truly brings great joy to my life sometimes through tears but mostly smiles!

Also here is the post where I fell in love with the blog, and also what CNN will be covering!

Here is her link to the online story on CNN

She said they will air the interview primetime international, next Tuesday night, March 16th at 4:00 p.m., Eastern Standard time on CNN. If you are home watch it, you will see how inspiring she is!

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  1. Her birth story reduced me to tears! She has such a talent for writing!

    Just saying hi from the April 09 board! :-)