Jordan is officially done with school!!! We are going to turn in the last of his finals tomorrow! It is so amazing to have him back full-time! It has been over 2 years since he has actually had a break with no homework!! It is so nice to have more time with him and now that it is getting nicer we can actually enjoy the outdoors and our evenings and weekends! Jordan bought himself a PS2 to play lots of video games since he has missed them so much these past 2 years!! He is truly in heaven now! We bought a Sonic game with all the games combined so we can use it on the Wii to play all the old school games! I am pumped! 

We took a family trip to the mall this afternoon and got Vincent a few things, we got him his swim trunks which he just modeled for us across the living room with his walker backwards! TOO CUTE! I love his chubby belly and legs! I cannot wait to swim with him and enjoy the sun this summer! 

Vincent started his play and learn classes @ Gymboree yesterday! It was seriously the cutest thing ever, his face lit up when we walked in and he saw all the bright colors and toys! The kids in his class were all 10-16 months so it was great! He loved everything about the class, mostly the bubbles and parachute time! We will have classes every week and can even go daily to their open gym! I think it will help him to be with kids his age and learn how to play with each other, since his only play mate right now is Verner haha! Plus it will be good since we will have a new baby for him to know all of it! I totally recommend the classes if you have one in your area!!

As far as baby #2 goes, all is well! We have our 20 week ultrasound on April 1st! Only 23 more weeks left til the big day, give or take a week or so! I am expecting to go late again so then my hopes won't be shattered like they were last year when my due date came and went! I just pray for a safe and healthy delivery and baby! I cannot wait to hold him or her! 

One of the best things about this week was that Jordan had to go to the world's best ice cream store for work to get some dry ice and he bought his co workers 4 things of ice cream and they barely finished them so he brought them all home!! :) Needless to say it was a little like Christmas for me! No one had even touched the Raspberry Chip one! More for me!! :) The store makes their ice cream and then pours dark chocolate over the ice cream in the huge mixers then they break the chocolate up and mix it! You get small and big chunks of their amazing chocolate in every bite! It is heaven! I think we will have enough ice cream for months! YUM! Here is their special process! Get ready to drool! http://www.graeters.com/process.aspx

Well I hope everyone has a good weekend! That is all for now! xoxo

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