I love Fridays so much! It is the day I look forward to the most, mostly because I do grocery shopping then but this week we actually went on Thursday, as I had the day off due to two of the kids being sick! So today was very relaxed with some laundry and lots of play time! Vincent has had the worst runny nose for the past two days, poor little man! But at least it is draining out versus staying inside his body! Hopefully it will pass soon! I just finished my antiboitic and am starting to feel the same symptoms I felt last time! I am really hoping that I do not get what I had again! I am trying my best to flush it out of my system! Time will tell! But through all of our stuffy noses and boxes of tissues, Jordan has yet to even have a slightly stuffy nose! LUCKY! He is one tough cookie!

Speaking of cookies, they sold the Girl Scout Cookies after Mass last weekend! :) Made me a very happy pregnant girl! Since I have yet to gain weight this pregnancy maybe now I will actually start! We got the Lemon Creme ones, Thin Mints and of course Samoas! I put most of them in the freezer to keep me from eating them! I have been very good so far!

Vincent's party supplies arrived this week! I was so excited! Everything is PERFECT and all the colors go great! I ordered the cutest banner and it turned out amazing! I was skeptical but it is really sturdy and well made, I will definitely be ordering from there again!! I do not wanna ruin all the surprises of his party but here is how wonderful everything matches! Only 7 more weeks! haha I sound insane for planning ahead so much but oh well! It is fun!

I was Etsy gazing the other night and found the cutest things ever, if only I could crochet! I will be getting this or something similar for baby #2!! They also have a matching diaper cover with a cute cotton bunny tail!!

The lady also makes bear ones, and cute sock money hats! 

Lately I have really been hoping that the baby is a girl! I just have so many cute things I want to do and would just love to have a daughter! I would love to have a little me to teach gymnastics and cheerleading to and to take to dance classes!! I have also been dreaming of her nursery! Jordan's mom said she would do the bedding again so I know it would be amazing and match perfectly, but now I feel like I will get my hopes up and it will be a boy! Even though I wanted a another boy to begin with to make life a little easier! 

Time will tell! No matter what I will be getting my decorating fix when we move Vincent to his new room! I am thinking a monster theme! :) I love these Ugly Dolls and have found some cute bedding and accessories on Etsy!! Perfect for a big boy room!! 
Well that is all for today, I am sure I have left a lot out but I will post this weekend! xoxo


  1. I found a pattern for the ugly dolls last weekend, so Grandma can him monster dolls for his room.

  2. His birthday stuff looks SO cute!

    I love that Monster theme, those dolls are so ugly they are cute. Love it!

  3. Dear Allison,

    For some reason, I find myself regularly checking the blog. How's about you update it more regulary.