New post for you Alex :)

My wonderful followers, mostly Alex, this one if for you! Full of lots of Vincent! 

Jordan officially only has ONE MORE late night tomorrow night!! I cannot wait! It seemed like forever while he was in the thick of it but looking back it has truly flown by! When Jordan started we were still in our overpriced apartment, spending money left and right, without a care in the world, wow how things have changed and Thank God for things changing! We always look back and say "What were we thinking!". But at times it was fun to not have a care in the world, we would watch house hunters every night at 7 during our house hunting period and walk to our gym and pool almost daily! Just living the life! I remember the day we got Verner as well, that was the first big change in our life! He was a handful to say the least! Uncle Alex would come over and babysit him during the day!! I still remember Jordan and I making a make-shift crate for him! We put two laundry baskets together with heavy duty clamps and it actually worked for awhile, before he became a HORSE!! I also vividly remember silly me walking down the spiral staircase with Verner in that "crate" and slipping and falling and down went the crate with poor Verner pup in it, I cried and cried and called Jordan at work! I really thought I had hurt him! Come to think of it maybe that is the reason Verner has trouble thinking sometimes! :) Just joking he is an amazing dog and a wonderful jungle gym for Vincent!

Back to my point, since Jordan started school a little under 2 years ago our life has totally changed, and for the best! I cannot imagine our life without Vincent at all! The joy his 4 toothed smile brings to us is more love than I have ever felt! I just marvel at him all day everyday! Watching him learn and take in new things is truly the highlight of every day! I cannot wait to watch him grow up and also to add another addition to our already full of love family! I cannot imagine feeling more love for another child but I know my heart will only grow more with this next one! We have truly had a blessed past few years and I look forward to the many to come with Jordan by my side! He has been a total trooper enduring work full-time and school at night, plus most of his time in school I have been pregnant and then with a infant! His hands were totally full but he did it all with such ease! I know with him leading our ship we will be in good shape even through the rough waves that may life may throw at us! 

I am exhausted so I am going to just post a few pics from the past week! I will be able to post more posts now that my hubby will be home every night!! :) 

A lunch date Daddy with at Steak n' Shake...was craving some milkshakes!! :) Vincent enjoyed my grilled cheese as well!

You're my BROWN EYED Boy  :)

He fits in Daddy's backpack!

Time for a ride!

My men lounging on the couch!

Gotta have snacks to go with GUY TIME!

Luke Cosmas or Lilly Ann at 16 weeks 2 days!

Have an amazing week! xoxo

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  1. Love the pictures. Especially the one from Steak and Shake.