Once again another sleepless night! It is so ironic that I am awake now that Vincent has slept through the night these past few months, what I would have done for a full nights sleep those first few months! I cannot wait to be able to fall asleep again right when my head hits the pillows! Oh I long for those days to come again!

Vincent was such a doll this morning as last night was a sleepless night as well and I was dragging when he woke up around 8, but I fed him and we cuddled in bed and dozed off again til 11! I was so shocked when we woke up, as he usually doesn't sleep that long especially when he is sleeping across my chest! But he slept like a champ! I was so happy, but the day was long as he would not nap for the life of me! He always naps even when he sleeps in, but today he decided against a nap! He slept for maybe 10 minutes on our way to pick up our new dishwasher, but then he was ready to rock and roll after that! I am guessing he will sleep in tomorrow! He has got to be exhausted!

Jordan and Harold installed our new dishwasher tonight! We have been wanting to get a new one since the one that was here when we bought the house stopped working! lol Plus the one that was here before was black and the other appliances are white! So we got a white one this time and boty was it a task for those boys to take the old one out and put the new one in! But they succeeded and we already washed a load and they are sparkling! Jordan and I laughed about how his first night home from school was just as long with work as school was! But at least he got to spend his time at home! :) We have decided the rest of the week will be way more relaxed!

I added a little poll on the baby's gender to see what you all think it will be! :) I also added a countdown and it is still so shocking that he baby will be here that soon! It is seriously insane to me! I do not think it will be real until I have to push him or her out! Just Joking, it is getting much more real each day that passes, and my belly starts to extend outward even more! I have been able to feel the kicks and punches a lot more at night now and I am LOVING IT! The only tough thing now is handling Vincent when he is wiggling around when I am holding him! I am trying to get used to holding him higher since soon he will be on top of my belly! But let me tell you he is packing on the pounds I swear! He feels so much heavier within these past few weeks, it is a total upper body workout to hold him still during mass! We have to pass him back and forth to ease the pain! haha!

Vincent has began letting go and standing, a lot of the times he falls on his bottom, but I think it is only when he realizes he is standing alone! But if he is not paying attention and is eating or playing he tends to let go and stand so perfectly! Yesterday he stood for like 5 seconds, Jordan and I could not believe our eyes! It was amazing! It is little moments like this that make my heart happy! I mean I get so excited by every milestone that he hits, even if they are not milestones, I still get happy! 

Just watching his eyes when he sees something new, or touches something new is the best thing ever! He opens my eyes to a whole new world and I love that world! I do not know if I have ever had as much fun throwing balls with someone for 30 minutes as we do daily! His laugh and smile is so contagious and I just eat it up! We just roll and throw balls back and forth, and make funny noises! I also love watching him and Jordan play! It truly memorizes me! Vincent loves when Daddy chases him and he just squeals and giggles and throws himself forward to try to crawl faster! I could watch them play all day long and be so happy! I just love the love Jordan has for Vincent and also the love Vincent has for him! They will have an amazing relationship and I cannot wait to see it grow, I cannot wait to see all of our relationships grow! Also for them to all grow when Luke or Lilly arrive!

I cannot wait to hold Luke or Lilly, it has been so long since I have held a baby of newborn size! It will be a nice break for my arms! haha! But I am most excited to see Vincent's face when he sees his brother or sister! I am not sure how he will react when baby comes home or what not but I am sure all will be well! We will adjust him well to it, as best we can! 22 weeks and 3 days and we will be a family of 4!!! WOW!

It's coming quick!! :) Buckle up and Enjoy the ride with us! 

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