Successful Day!

We had a great day! We got both of the cars cleaned out and washed and got a lot of house work done! I also may have bought a few onsies that are pink today! Woops! I can return them if it is a boy, so no biggie! But they are cute! So many more choices for girls than boys! Jordan loved the daddy onsie! Definitely made him smile! I also found the cutest little fleece outfit, it was only $4! I will be keeping it or else giving it to someone who has a girl, it is so cute! See below! :) I think I will totally be jinxing myself and it will for sure be a boy because of this! But I am truly happy with which ever gender as long as him or her is healthy and happy! :)

But most importantly today, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! We officially beat Sonic 2 tonight! I will give most of the credit to Jordan for beating the bosses in the last few levels! :) It was so exciting to beat it! Now we will move onto Sonic 1 or Sonic 3 or the handful of other Sonic games on the disk! Now time time to hit the sack! xoxo

Here is a few photos! Of course tub time is included!

His hair is getting blonder daily! It is insane!

All smiles!


The ending screen! Love the taste of victory! :)


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