"Vincent with a wig"

Thought this photo of me when I was little is very creepy, if you take away my hair, it is Vincent for sure! Jordan claimed it is "Vincent with a wig!" Thought you might enjoy this!

Vincent has been walking so much more lately, he now just gets out his walker and walks whenever his little heart desires! It is too cute, and he has been letting go when he is standing for short periods of time! He is getting so incredibly BIG! I rock him before naps and he can barely fit on my lap! It is insane how much he has grown in just 10-11 moths! 

I have been feeling a few flutters in my belly when I am relaxing before falling asleep! I know they say its easier for second time moms to be able to know when it is real kicks and I think they may be! But they are far and few obviously since our little one is still only around the size of a lemon! But that's a lot considering a few weeks back he or she was the size of a peanut! 

So my REALITY MONDAY was a good one! Minus Jake picking Vienna on The Bachelor, but you can't fight love and if he's in love then that is amazing! I really do hope it works out considering most of those relationships die out! But the MOST amazing part of the night was the naming of the new DWTS cast and Kate Gosselin being a part of it!! :) I am so excited even though I have a feeling America will not vote for her because a lot of people cannot stand her, personally, I like her and think she is a great mother! I think she did get out of line a few times and treat her husband like crud but no offense, she has 8 kids 247, I get frazzled when I nanny my well behaved 3 kids plus have Vincent with me! I can not imagine 8 kids all the time! Also Jake will be on DWTS! And his partner is my favorite Chelsie Hightower! She was on the best season of SYTYCD! I am very excited for that show to begin and also for the new season of The Bachelorette with Ali! Ugh more reality shows to suck me in! Oh well they are my escape from my own reality and a nice way to relax after a long day!

Jordan officially only has 4 more classes to go!! I am so excited, as is he! Now he can watch my girly reality shows haha! JUST JOKING! But I will not know how to react to actually having a normal schedule and dinner time! I cannot wait! Usually I wait to cook dinner until right before he comes home as I want it to be fresh and I do not like to eat dinner without him because I feel that dinner time is a very important time of the night! So it will be nice to have that back! Plus weekends will be wide open and we can do as we please, and soak up the time left we have as a family of 3!

Speaking of that I cannot wait to go to the zoo! Vincent wasn't really able to enjoy it last year but this year will be amazing! He loves animals and I cannot wait to see his reaction! Especially to the crazy monkeys and the cute penguins! Cannot wait for the spring! Plus like I said I need to soak up the single stroller time because come August we will be toting around the double stroller! Good times to come though!

Well I am exhausted and need to get some sleep! Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo

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