Baby L- Week 23

Here is what our baby is up to this week! Cannot believe we are this far along ALREADY! Whew!

Week 23-At this point you’ve pretty much adjusted to the fact you’ve got a moving little gymnast inside of you, but now they’re going to kick up the party a notch because they can hear and react to sounds from the outside world. Sounds from your alarm clock, a thunder roll, or that darned car honking at you across the intersection can actually jar their little ears enough to elicit a kick or violent bout of squirming. Of course this also means that their little ears are picking up the sounds of your voice and those near you. So go ahead, sing a lullaby to your little angel—if they start kicking, it’s likely they just want you to stop… or maybe it was a kick of approval? You decide. Your baby's tiny taste buds are still growing and their bones are continuing to ossify (harden), their tiny veins are visible through their translucent yet wrinkly skin. (Think of it this way: they’ve been swimming in the equivalent of a long hot bath for the past 23 weeks, so you can’t blame them for being a little prune-like.)

Me- Mommy Gator 23w4d

I hope baby L likes the music Vincent and I jam to during the day! I also hope that he/she likes the movements of Vincent and I dancing around like fools! I am sure the baby thinks we are crazy loons at how goofy we are! I am sure he/she loves hearing the squealing sounds of me chasing Vincent through his tent! It is his new favorite game! We also like to cuddle up in there with him! It may start to be our new go-to place! 

Come get me MOM!!

 Baby #2 is also quite the KICKER, my goodness he/she is on the move in my belly! Maybe a gymnast like mommy, or just swimming around like daddy! Speaking of kicking, last night I could not sleep and Vincent woke up screaming at 1am which is so rare, I felt very compelled to bring him in bed with us, so I could cuddle him and hopefully fall asleep easier! Well I brought him in and he fell right back asleep all snuggled next to me...HEAVEN!!

But he moved I swear 50 times! I could not sleep a wink! At one point he was sideways, with his feet in my face! He is such a wiggleworm! I did not mind it though because I rarely get to snuggle since he is MR INDEPENDENT is ALWAYS on the move unless he is super sleepy! He did wake up in a GREAT mood though! And allowed me to lay in bed for an extra hour while we cuddled!

In 4 months, I will have two little ones to cuddle with, the one will have no choice whether to cuddle or not which I WILL LOVE, and I am sure Vincent will want to start cuddling with mommy just like the baby! I will eat up every sweet minute of it! Ahhh life is good and is only going to get better!

Off to dream about the snuggles that lie ahead! :)


  1. I'm following you now from MBC, what a cute family and cute bump!

  2. Hi following u from MBC, very sweet pics, keep posting more.
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  3. So sweet! I'm jealous of your little belly! I wasn't that lucky in my pregnancy! Enjoy it as you know it goes by so fast!!! ;)

  4. The pics of him in his CUTE!