Baby Time!

NO, not yet for us! :) My friend Christina texted me saying she was in labor! I am so excited! She was not due til April 30th, but I kept hoping she would go early as did she! I had even texted her last night saying she should go to the zoo with us to walk those contractions on! And look, she is ready to go! I am so excited and I pray that everything goes well! I cannot wait to hold baby Maddox, hopefully tomorrow night! Newborns are truly the best blessing from God, the excitement that fills the friends and family when a baby comes is overwhelming and amazing. I cannot help but tear up or cry everytime I see Baby Story or even just a newborn baby! It makes my pregnancy that much more realistic! Especially since he/she has been so active inside my belly!
 I cannot wait to see my baby on the ultrasound tomorrow! I will be sure to post pics! Well I am off to dream about a perfect delivery for Christina and baby Maddox, and also for our little peanut to be growing perfectly! Tomorrow will be a total baby day! Cannot wait!!! :)

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