Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

WOW! So many thoughts and words come to mind when I think back on Vincent’s birth one year ago! There are a plethora of words to describe the day from anxious, scared, excited,  terrified, overjoyed , happy, but the one that stands out the most is COMPLETE. I was complete the moment Vincent was handed to me!  I never knew how strong love could be until that moment!

Jordan and I journeyed 41 weeks to get to this magnificant day. I felt as though the day would never come! Vincent was clearly stubborn and did not want to come out, which still is true today, he does things on “Vincent Time”, which is perfect time in my eyes! I cannot believe how much has changed in this past year, he started out so small and fragile and is now a big, tough little man! 

 This past year has been the most remarkable year of my life, and it all started on April 20th, 2009 when we arrived at the hospital. Here is his story!

We arrived for our induction at 10am. Since I had planned to go natural so they just broke my water to see if it would start labor vs starting pitocin. The water was broken at 11am, and off we went! Walking up and down the halls, rocking back and forth on the birthing ball, and any position to help. I started progressing perfectly so as long as I kept up I would avoid pitocin! I was estatic! I had an amazing support system with Jordan, my doula Leona, my dad and stepmom and my mother! Everyone played a huge part!

Going into the birth I knew it was going to be painful, clearly but for weeks I just imagined it as being the worst pain ever and I believe that is how I made it through it! I hit 5-6 centimeters around 3pm, and was actually feeling great, we kept up all the relaxation exercises and just waited it out, around 5:00 I started getting into the rough of it and hit the transitional period of 8-9 centimeters! That is when things got tough, but somehow it flew past and we were at 8:00 pm and I was feeling a lot of pressure and sure enough my midwife said we could start pushing- Music to my ears!  I pushed and pushed and pushed my hardest and boy was that tiring, but towards the end I was so determined to get him out that I was pushing double time! I had the ceiling mirror faced down so I could see my progress, and it really helped! One I saw him coming I gave it my all! They explain it as pushing through a ring of fire, and that is so true! The pain is what made me push harder! Then finally....

At 8:59 pm, Vincent Jeffrey was placed on my chest! He was PERFECT!

Vincent was absouletly everything and more than I had ever dreamed of! He weighed 8 lb 1/2oz and was 19.2 inches long! We were up so late that night just taking it all in! We were finally parents and could not have been happier!

Imagine the best day of you life thus far, and multiply it by a million - That is what having a child is like! It is amazing to actually bring a child into this world. A new life that was made by you and grew inside of your belly for 9 months! It is truly God’s greatest gift!

Here are a few photos from this year!

As I said this past year has been AMAZING! Children do so many amazing things and you will surprise yourself with how much these tiny things steal your heart.

 I am so blessed to have my beautiful boy in my life and cannot wait to see what the next year will bring! 
Happy Birthday Vincent! 

I will be posting his video montage complete with ALL my favorite pictures and videos on Saturday! I did not want to spoil it for our family who will be seeing it at his party! Check back then! :)


  1. I agree with you. I read Natural Child Birth the Bradley Way and found it to be very helpful. I'm so glad I had a natural childbirth.

  2. I love hearing other people's birth stories! I did natural as well and had no idea that I could do it. Vincent is such a cutie!

  3. After having my little girl, I have pictured nothing but little girls for my husband and I. Now seeing these sweet pictures of your son, I can actually see myself having and wanting a little boy! He's such a little sweetie!