Happy Birthday to our First Dependent- Lord Verner

TODAY it is Lord Verner Sameul Lionitus's Birthday! He came into this world on April 8th, 2008! He did not come to live with us until he was 9 weeks old, but he is still our first child non the less! 

We had searched for the perfect German Shepherd and when we saw this photo we knew he was the one!

We went and got him right away! He fit in perfect with the two of us!

He was a very cute puppy!

Like any other child he went through the awkward growing up years! Complete with crooked ears! ha

And also he gets treated like a child with Halloween costumes!

He was the perfect first addition to our family

And the perfect big brother to Vincent!

He has even taught Vincent how to share!

He has grown into a smart, beautiful dog!

Happy Birthday Vern Pup!

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Verner. Grandma was gone in Atlanta on your b-day. Hope it was a good one. You are now 2 years old.