I should be sleeping...

Instead of keeping these late hours I've been keeping these late hours I've been keeping....lol that song always comes to mind when I am awake late! I have been working on my baby boys slideshow for his first birthday! It is going to take a few weeks to make perfect! So far I would like to think it is amazing! :) I cannot wait to share it with our friends and family at his birthday party! I am still in utter shock that he is going to be a year old in a few weeks! Where has the time gone, I remember holding him after delivery, it feels like yesterday.
I went to see my friend Christina and her baby Maddox and so many memories came flooding back. Mostly the happy ones of Vincent and then the "OH MY GOSH This is going to be us in 20 weeks again!" But holding baby Maddox made me realize once again it is all worth it, all the pain and all the hours of labor do not matter when you hold your little baby that you have waited for all those weeks! I am so excited for Christina and Joe, they both looked amazing and so happy! They have lifes greatest gift now! But Maddox was so sweet and cute! He weighs 6lbs 2oz and is 19 1/2 inches long! He was born 4 weeks early, but is doing perfect! It is so hard to ever imagine that they start out that small! When I came home to Vincent he looked like a GIANT! HAHA! I cannot wait to see Vincent with Luke or Lilly!
Speaking of Luke or Lilly, the ultrasound went GREAT! No causes for concern and certainly no placenta problems this time around! Thank God! We did not find out the sex but Jordan claims he saw a penis, lol! I am totally confused as I think it is a girl, but know it that if I think that way it will be a boy! Who knows! :) We will see in 20 weeks! I gonna tell my friend Christina to send me her special powers so I go into labor early this time! HAHA But I am counting on going late again! Well it is time to try to get some sleep! Busy Easter weekend! Cannot wait! :) Have a great weekend! xoxo

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