Laid back weekend...

Our weekend in my eyes was perfect! We barely left the house except for confession and mass. It was truly a great family weekend. As you know Friday, Jordan and I had a slumber party in the living room! We did not beat Sonic that night, but of course that is one of the first things Jordan completed Saturday morning! 

We just hung out and lounged around all weekend, we cleaned a little but sometimes it is okay to leave things the way they are and just enjoy yourself rather than to stress out about the mess. Which is what happened last night, we had a couple over for a cookout and when they left I was too tired to clean up the mess, which totally ended up biting me in the butt because I came in to lay down and I hear Verner in the dining room, clashing everything that was on the table to the ground! What a good dog! :) So I had to jump out of bed and relocate the dishes to the kitchen where he is too scared to enter bc of the wood flooring! What a pansy! But needless to say those dishes were left for today which was a-okay! 

Saturday I had to actually run to the grocery quick for the cookout and I snuck down the ice cream aisle, as I was of course craving Chocolate and I bought my favorite Chocolate Fudge Eclair Bars with the crunchy things! We decided to let Vincent in on the action and I think he enjoyed them as well! 

I love his face when he tries new things, it is truly one of the best feelings about being a parent. The look in their eyes and the way they react with their body language is great! In this case it was Vincent shoving his face into the ice cream bar begging for more! 

This little man is the most amazing gift I could have ever received! Every day I just look at him in amazement and cannot believe that he is truly ours! I think Jordan and I have a conversation daily about how great he truly is! The love we have for Vincent is crazy, you never really understand how much your parents love you until you have your own child! I always listened to my mom tell me stories and tell me how much she loved me, and I knew she did, but it fully sunk in when Vincent was born. 

You finally start to see the big picture and realize how and why your parents did things. When I was growing up I knew my mom went without things for herself so she could buy them for me and I never really grasped that until Vincent came. I would give anything for that little man. I could care less about what I wear or have anymore, I would rather give it all to him! In no means do I want to spoil him but I do see where my mother was coming from when she did this for me! 

And now that I am older, I want to repay my parents with all the love and time they have given to me! Being a parent is the greatest thing ever, and I want to give back to them for all their hard work, late nights and dedication by being the best I can be as their daughter! So thank you Mom and Dad for all that you have done for me and given up for me all these years! I truly love you to the moon and back!

We ended this weekend with a swim in the hot tub, which was fun! The water was only at like 86 so it was a little chilly but Vincent loved splish splashing in the water! Last year he clearly did not know what to think but this time he was totally loving it! I think we will do it again this week as Jordan turned the heat up so it will be a tad warmer! 

I am exhausted and told myself I would be asleep by 12 which is in 5 minutes! So farewell for now! xoxo

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