Mother's Day- Check Etsy!

Vincent and Jordan were obviously curious of what I wanted for Mother's Day and I have had my eyes on a cute necklace I saw a few months ago, I searched for the perfect one and found it on Etsy! I wanted to let everyone know about the shop and how great the lady who owns it is! She has corresponded back and forth with and has made Jordan an easy private link with my exact necklace so he does not have to worry about any of the specifics! She has some really great things! I totally recommend her if you are looking for something along the lines of what she makes!  

I am getting this necklace with a "V" and an "L"! I am totally in love with it! It works perfect since we have no clue what the sex of baby #2 is but he or shes name obviously starts with an L! 

Also if you have not visited, I would highly recommend you do so, they have EVERYTHING you could ever think of and they are all individual sellers, a lot of which are stay at home moms so I love to support it! 

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