SLuMbEr PaRTy!

Yes, a slumber party! Jordan and I are having one tonight! We decided to take on Sonic 1 tonight and I started getting tired a little while ago and did not want to leave him out here alone as we are a team in beating our game! So we decided to have a slumber party in the living room since Sonic nights typically go very late! We are truly dorks! :) 

Our sleeping situation! Notice the gate...I will explain later! 

Pillow Pile for Vincent...he loves diving it in! I was going to let Verner sleep there but decided against it...

He is so EXCITED! He also said to let you all know I made him make that face :)

No Verner Pup ALLOWED!

Verner is TERRIFIED of the baby gate, he seriously has a nervous break down every time it moves! Verner sometimes looks at Vincent with such envy when Vincent plays with the baby gate! It is hilarious, but we just propped the gate in between the chair and the couch and Voila! NO VERNER! 

We had to put the cat in the basement but she has just started scratching at the glass door! I moved her food in the room and yet she is still scratching! I am going to try moving her into the laundry room and see if that is better! These darn animals want to ruin our slumber party!

You may wonder why I do not just leave the animals roam, well our dog chases the cat the second she comes up the stairs, it sounds like a herd of elephants when he does it! The excitement of the cat still has not worn off to Verner! Hopefully they will chill out so we can enjoy our night! :) Crossing my fingers!

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