Vincent's 1st Birthday!

Well Vincent has been one for over a week now and it still does not seem real. I still ponder when people in the store ask me how old he is, I am so used to saying 9 or 10 or whatever months and now I say A YEAR OLD! AHHHH! How can it be!?!?

Has a year really flown by that fast!? 

When I hold him it is still hard to believe that he was in my belly once... It is truly incredible actually, and having Baby L in there right now is just such a weird feeling because I know exactly what is happening and when, since I am not longer a first timer! ha!! 
Vincent has done so much in so little time, when he first came out of my belly he was so fragile and little, now he is robust and a tough little monkey! All he did a year ago was cry, dirty his diapers, eat and sleep, now he is ON THE GO walking, cruising, crawling, talking up a storm, still dirtying his diapers (way stinkier), eating everything we eat (which is amazing!) and sleeping like a champ (10-12 hours a night and a nice nap). 

My oh my, I must say though that my love grows stronger each day with him, I never knew my "Mommy Love Tank" could get so full! How am I going to have enough room for 2 in my tank! I guess I have figure another 16 weeks to figure that one out! Until then here are 
my little mans 1st Birthday pictures! 

His Giant Cupcake!

Dessert Table

Cupcakes for guests 
Chocolate with Mint Oreo Buttercream, and Vanilla with Blueberry Buttercream
Baking is my 2nd passion behind being a mommy!

Now I want a fricking cupcake!! YUMMMM

His Birthday Sign- Check 1st Wishes for great supplies!

Mommy, Daddy and Birthday Boy!

I think he approves! 

Playing Pat-A-Cake literally! 

Playing with presents!!


*Thank you to ALL of our friends and family who were with us this first year! We are so glad to have had ALL of you along for the ride and look forward to having you all along for round 2 in August! Love you all! xoxo*

Also since I have a lot of new followers that I love from MBC... I wanted to re-link Vincent's First Video Montage!! - HERE IT IS!
MOMMY WARNING---Might cause your eyes to tear up! 


  1. Following you back...and not out of obligation, I like your blog!
    And man that cupcake looks soo good!

  2. I'm glad I checked out your blog! We are naming
    our first boy Vincent too... how funny! Ya I can't believe how fast the 1st year goes by... I knkow Gigi's 1st b-day will be here before I know it & I can't wait to make her cupcakes now haha

  3. I love the cupcake!! Happy Birthday Vincent!

  4. I gave you a blog award...check it out!

  5. I LOVE those colors you used, the cupcake is adorable! (I'm already on the lookout for ideas and my little guy's first birthday is 7 months away, hahaha)

    I'm a new follower from MBC :)