Yay it's a Gymboree Day!!!!

First of all...I started this blog to get things off my chest as a mother, and to kind of have a place to vent, but I have found that I will sometimes write posts and not post them because I do not want people to think I am rude or whiny of something. Which is insane because everyone has their views on things and we all have things that irk us in every day life, plus the being hormonal and pregnant doesn't help! I do not have a lot of these moments but there are things that irk me and I am going to do what I intended when I first started this blog and get things off my chest, but still keep everyone updated on the most important part of my life, our family OF COURSE!

So back to my post....Yay, It's a Gymboree Day!

Yes that is one of the lines from the many songs that we sing during Vincent's classes! There are a long list of songs, some are pretty cute and he gets excited when we sing them here at home! He does love his gym time with his new found friends! But....I have never really said the second reason we go to Gymboree!

The whole mommy and me class thing started of course because I wanted to get Vincent out and interacting with children his own age, since at home he just has the cat and dog, and you can tell by the way he sometimes pets the other kids hair that animals are his only friends here at home!

But I also started Gymboree for me! I wanted to get out and meet other mommies and get to know some other women going through what I am! But this past week, I had one approach me that just rubbed me wrong...I mean I am sure she is a very sweet person and all that jazz but here was the situation.

I noticed her when I pulled into the parking lot since we were parked beside each other, she had 2 cute kids, one in a rear facing car seat and one in a forward facing car seat and I thought "That is ME in a few months!", I knew we would have something in common since her children seemed pretty close in age! So I was kind of excited to maybe get to exchange some words and what not.

Well, I was just sitting there playing with V during play time and she asked when I was due and I told her late August, and she asked how old Vincent was and I said he just turned one and she had a look of sheer horror on her face! Just what I like to see!! And then I said yes they will be close but I saw yours seemed close together! She stated no they are 27 months apart and I want to pull my hair out EVERYDAY!

Then she went on to stress to me how horrible it was and how hard it was to have 2 that young...I am just sitting taking it all in and kind of laughing to myself. But after all the complaining about how bad it was she said but hopefully in 10 years you will look back and be happy! I was just kind of shell shocked and said well I am just taking it all in strides and taking each day as it is, but I am really excited to have another one!

Vincent then sped off to another activity and I followed suit...

I sometimes do not get why people have to throw their fear and bad news of something that you are going through at you! I know she in no way meant to make me feel bad or stress me out but come on! If anyone I know is going through something, I ALWAYS look for the positive and give them happy advice that they want to hear, unless they ASK for my honest opinions on the hardships of it!

There are stupid comments like this that irk me all the time, and I do not know why I let it get to me, but I do! I am only human right! :)

I feel like I get most of these opinions when I am pregnant, as if I do not know I will have 2 under 2 people! Trust me I am well aware of this and have been and we planned to have another one and probably would have gotten pregnant (if we had not sooner) before or right around this time, that Vincent is one!

I am excited about baby #2 and cannot wait, I think it is going to be AMAZING and a total blast! It will be double the fun and double the work but it will all be worth it! We wanted our children to be close and I highly doubt we will be done after this one!

Jordan states it best "We will get to have another Vincent, how sweet is that!"

I always add "How sweet will it be that we will be in our 40s when our kids are going to college!" I would not change a thing, okay maybe the being married before Vincent thing, but truthfully everything is being timed out perfectly to the beat of our own "Family Drum"

Here are some pictures from Vincents past class at Gymboree! Minus my being irked from one comment because I dwell on things, we always have a BLAST!

Bubbles on the nose! ha

And here is a video of Vincent and his what I call girlfriend Lyla pushing the big barrel mat! Too funny!

Hope everyone has an amazing week ahead! I will post pictures from the V's Birthday party this week!


  1. Hey, you can tell that woman that I had three boys in 27 months, see what she says then. Tell her T. J. was 27 months when Alex and Jordan were born, she talks about pulling her hair out, have her try a 2 year old and a set of twins with colic. I survived, and I agree with you, I loved having the kids when I was young. I was 27, had four kids, and I was done. It is nice to be a young grandma :) Keep you chin up!

  2. Too adorable. He looks like he is having a ball :)

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    Congratulations on the baby.

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  4. Gymboree looks like a blast!

    You have a cutie on your hands and congrats on second little one!!

    Thanks for following me! :)

  5. I hope you have another boy! My boys are finally getting to where they play with each other (18mos apart)...GREAT...not to mention all the hand-me downs. lol. Congrats though! Gymboree looks like a lot of FUN! Just ignore stupid people!

  6. Vincent needs to throw elbows when that chicka knocks him down...

  7. Looks like you had a great time today! Don't let that other Mommy get you down! Everyone's life unfolds differently! Be thankful you can have a second and having 2 close in age is not a bad thing! In my opinion it will be nice for your kids once they are a little older. When people do that I just think to myself you must really be miserable in your own life?! ;)