A year ago today....

I remember sitting on the couch staring at the suitcase, diaper bag and car seat that were sitting on the stand ready to go at any minute! We even had your swing ready to rock n' roll! 

I was 3 days past due and totally and utterly shocked that Vincent was not here yet! I tried EVERYTHING in the book, minus castor oil (that scares me!) but I ate Chipotle (a lot) in hopes that it would jump start it all, I walked the zoo with my mom who had came down to be with me in anticipation of Vincent coming at any second!
 My best friend flew in and we got pedicures and I made sure the lady massaged the muscle that stimulated contractions haha STILL did not work ALL I got were even more SWOLLEN feet, they were HUGE!!!

. I even got a full body massage to try to start something (BOY did that feel good!) but nothing worked! Vincent clearly did not want to make his arrival. I think he knew it wouldn't have been as glorious and as special if he came then! I will be posting his birth story on his birthday of course.

I love the story of how he came into the world. It was a bumpy ride to get there but we made it! The deciding whether to induce did have its ups and downs with Jordan and I as it is a SCARY decision and I still do not know what I would do if faced with it again but I prayed long and hard and my induction went shocking well as you will see in a few days. I feel like sometimes you just have to go with your gut on things and just pray to God that it all ends well! And in my case it did. Indeed I was terrified but I knew how badly I wanted it to go well and it did! I cannot wait to share every intimate detail of that amazing day with all of you! Until then.....

My ADVICE for First Time Moms Nearing the End of Pregnancy!

Do Pack your bag early, just in case! Next time I will be leaving mine some where like my bedroom so I do not have to stare at it all day with sadness of not having the baby yet!

Even though all those Old Wives Tales of jump starting labor failed, it was still fun! Especially the massage and pedicure! It is nice to be pampered because you lose that time once the baby comes! Also who doesn't love any excuse to eat Chipotle!

If you have the choice to have membranes stripped: GO FOR IT, I did it 3 times in hopes but I will be all over it again this time because a lot of women have success with it! My son just did not want to come! :)

If you are faced with induction, weigh the options, and do what you think is BEST for you and the baby! Trust yourself and Trust God!


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