Five Question Friday! + Social Parade

Well it has been a crazy week complete with lots of traveling, and work around the house! We had our first showing this morning, we are hoping it went well! The house has really only been on the market with our realtor a little over a week, so good things are happening! Jordan started his new job this week and is loving it! He has been super busy and will be until he fully figures things out but I think it is a perfect fit! We are looking forward to traveling to see some family this weekend and then back to finish some stuff around the house and have a cook out with friends! I will post more when we return... but now for Five Question Friday!! Sorry I am a little early for it but have a busy day tomorrow!

1. Is there something you've always wanted to try but just can't muster up the courage to actually do yet? 
I would love to sky dive or bungee jump, but I really think now that I am a mommy it will never happen! I am way more scared than ever to do anything crazy like that! Jordan has sky dived a TON and loved it, but I do not think he will ever do it again since he has a family, but I am sure once the kids grow up and see the videos of him doing it they will want him to do it with them...Maybe we will do it together with the kids when they are older... haha probably not though, I would seriously pee myself before being able to muster the courage to take the actual jump! 

2. If you had $100 handed to you in cash without your significant other knowing about it, what would you spend it on?

Probably clothes for the boys, it is truly my favorite thing to shop for! Plus he never pays attention to what clothes I buy so he would never notice! haha

3. What was your favorite piece of playground equipment as a child?

The random bars they have at different levels they worked perfect as the uneven bars minus the mats below, we always did our gymnastics routines on them.. lol we were total dare devils back then! I loved it! 

4. Do you prefer a sweet or hearty breakfast?

It really depends on my mood, I have started making good hearty breakfasts on Sundays with bacon and eggs and I think I will continue that but most mornings I have cereal or waffles with fruit! 

5. Are you a Neat Freak or a Messy Bessy?

This totally depends on how much sleep my body has had. Some days I am totally anal about everything being in it's place and some days I could truly care less! I am a happy medium between the two! It is way to HARD to be a neat freak with a toddler who moves everything the second you put it away! Maybe once they are in school I will return to being a neat freak but until then I will be enjoying my kids and worrying about the mess later! 

By the way... we are 28 weeks TODAY!! 12 more weeks until Luke! :)

Smart and Trendy Moms

Wordless Wednesday- Looking Back- My 1st True Love! Miss This! :(

Toddler Snacks, Reese Cup Cake and 27 WEEKS!

I have read a few blogs with the idea of using a cupcake pan to give your toddler snacks, so I tried it out today with Vincent!

Lots of choices!

Mommy's good eater dominated the peas! He loves them!! 

Nom, Nom, Nom!

The best thing about it is once they are done you can just throw the leftovers in the fridge and pull them out quick and easy next time they get hungry for a snack! He loved all the choices! 

We also made daddy his favorite Reese Cup cake!

Here is the recipe! I am simple and make things very easy as a Mommy you do not have a lot of time to spend baking at times! 

What you will need

I always use Devil's Food Cake Mix- Follow the directions on the box, I usually cut the bake time by 2-3 minutes, it always makes my cakes very moist! If you want to make a homemade Chocolate Cake my favorite to use is Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Icing or if you want to make your own I always use Wilton's Buttercream
Peanut Butter- I prefer the taste of the reduced fat, no clue why but it tastes better to me!

Reese Cup's Minis

Mix Cake according to whichever mix or recipe you use.

Pour into pans and cook according to the time limit for whichever pan you choose... I always do a 2 layer 9-inch cake 

In the meantime make your frosting! It is very easy!

Take 2 scoops of peanut butter (around 1/2 cup) and put in microwave safe bowl

Microwave for 20-30 seconds

Once the peanut butter is melted add the container of frosting and whip with a fork

Mix until the peanut butter is mixed evenly, before frosting the cake I always throw the icing in the microwave for 15-20 seconds so it is easier to spread.... The icing tastes like PB Fudge! YUMM

Baker's tip! To make your 2 layer cake even, level the cake with a bread knife and throw the excess away!

Ice the middle layer, and break up and sprinkle reese cups on!

Add the second layer and decorate the reese cups however you like! I usually pipe the edges with frosting, but lets face it sometimes as a Mommy you are in a rush! 

And there you have it... a Reese Cup Cake! I promise it will be your family's new favorite! 

Let me know if any of you make the cake! I would love to hear feedback! :)

Also here are a few belly shots! WHEW!! 13 MORE WEEKS! My doctor also said I was measuring a week or so over, lol maybe she just wanted me to feel better about myself! JK...But if thats the case maybe he will come on his due date vs a week over like Vincent! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!! xoxo

Five Question Friday!

1. Do you have an iPhone and, if so, how do you get apps and what are your favorites?

No, I am a cell phone killer, I have had 4 phones in the past 2 years and all have been damaged, I ruin anything electronic, simple sturdy phones are the only ones I'm allowed to get now! haha 

2. What is your fondest memory of K-3rd grade?

Really do not remember a lot but I remember having game night at the elementary school and I always loved it! 

3. What makes you cringe at the thought of touching?

Spiders or Snakes....eeeeeek!! 

4. If you could have any celebrity show up on your doorstep who would it be and why?

That's a tuffy! I would have to say Julia Roberts! She is my favorite actress by far! 

5. What would you say is your best physical feature?

I like my eyes, and after Luke arrives I will be focusing on making my belly my favorite feature again! :) I told Jordan I need a nice break before baby #3 so I can have my body back for a year or so!! I miss it and I miss all my clothes!!  But when I look at Vincent, I forget all the things wrong with my body so it is totally all worth it! But it will be nice to have my cute boys and my body back! :)

Following Through....

It only took me a few days but I finally followed through and looked for the camera. It is not like it was really lost, it was in the bedside table. It had died a few weeks back and instead a taking a few minutes to charge it, I just stashed it in the bedside table figuring I would get to it later, typical me if you ask my husband! It is kind of like the laundry we folded the other day that is still in the basket waiting to be put away! 

What can I say... I am a true procrastinator! I just put things off, it is truly my worst habit and I try daily to work on it, but with trying to keep the house clean in case of a potential showing my mind is in a million places! My mind should be focusing on cleaning but it is focused on what I can do special for Jordan's last day of work at his current job tomorrow! My mind is racing with many questions- What can I do to make it special for him? Should I make a special dinner? Should I bake a special cake? Should we go out to dinner? Will he want to go to dinner?!

So many questions, but the answer is any of those will be fine, the day is already special with it being his last day at that job! But I know Vincent and I will probably end up doing something tomorrow to make it even more special if we can top his going out to lunch with co-workers and ice cream party at work! I mean geesh... they are trying to steal my thunder! HAHA Just joking! 

Anyways... the camera is back in action finally.. Here are some new photos from today!!

Snack/Messy face time! 

Cracking up because Maggie is giving him bunny ears! 

Both of their faces crack me up!

He turns everything into a walker! lol

Push V, Push! 

This is what Vincent thinks about milk in a sippy cup vs bottle... he poured it all on his own... he is too smart!

He clearly knows how to drink from his sippy... just refuses to lol

Making a mess! Notice the spilt milk on carpet and of course all over him! haha 

After the milk he climbed over to me and cuddled up and starting chewing the appliqué on my shirt!

Having V cuddled on my belly is PURE BLISS!! 

And within a few moments he was off.....ROARRRRRR!! 

He then wanted to help put the dishes away... so thoughtful! :) 

Had to snap a photo of him on his tippy toes before I told him it was a no-no! TOO CUTE!

Hope everyone has a magnificent weekend! xoxo 

Wordless Wednesday- Big boy chair Grandma made Vincent!

Slacking....and the dreaded SWIMSUIT!

Sorry to all my followers for my lack of posts! The past week was pure craziness but it ended very well! We had a lot of ups and downs last week but a lot of amazing things have come and I look forward to the future!

We got to spend a lot of time with both our families this past week and I loved every minute of it! I am so excited to be moving closer to both of our families! It will be so nice especially for Jordan's family, since they were the furthest and will now become the closest! I am very excited for the move, the only thing that is not exciting is the uncertainty of it all!

Jordan ends his current job on Friday! Hooray! And jumps right into his new job on Monday! I am so excited for him and we are still both in the shock phase that this is all truly happening! It is a true blessing! We of course wanted to sell the house by ourselves, but we were realistic and got an agent and we are finally listed! The only thing that sucks about your house being on the market is that it needs to be pretty much perfect 247! Which is awesome with a 1 year old getting into EVERYTHING and a wonderful dog who likes to shred things! Our realtor said sometimes people will want to view your house ASAP and give you very little warning, I am hoping that does not happen to us, but I am trying my best to keep up with it all! I am sure Jordan is loving it! :)

I think we have come to the decision that apartments or renting a house will not work, considering we cannot find a place with adequate space and a place that will allow our dog! Since when did German Shepherds become a scary breed? Whatever, it just means that we will be buying another house! We have been looking and have found some pretty nice ones! It is just a matter of when we sell our house here! So it kinda stinks because the best we can do at the moment is put a contingent offer on a house and pray that no one else buys it before us! I just hope and pray our house sells quick! 

We are not sure where we will be when Luke arrives in August, but as of now we are planning on being here which would be amazing to be able to have my midwife and doula that I had my first pregnancy! Nothing would make me happier! I know I can do it again but I love my "dream team" from my first birth and I want to bring Luke into the world with the same people! I will cross my fingers to still be here for that!

On another note aside from the stresses of life, I went swimsuit shopping! :) HELLO RETAIL THERAPY!

 I usually LOVE LOVE LOVE buying a swim suit, but this year I am carrying Luke along for the ride and let me tell you... it's not the prettiest ride from the outside (my body that is). Vincent and I headed off to Old Navy since they were having sweet deals and I do not want to overpay for a suit I will only wear a few times, but I decided on a tankini (I bought the one below), I am not thrilled about it, but it is cute! I might just opt to wear a bikini, because clearly everyone will notice I am pregnant whether of not the tank part of the tankini covers my belly or not! I guess it will depend on my mood that day!

Also speaking of shopping, my friend Chrissy blogged about some amazing maxi dresses from Forever 21 and I fell in love with them when I saw the picture and the price! They are ONLY 12.50!! I quickly ordered 2 and anxiously awaited their arrival, and they were perfect! They feel just like wearing pajamas! I would highly recommend them! You cannot beat the price!! 

Jordan has to travel to Florida for a few weeks for training, we are not sure exactly when, but we are hoping that Vincent and I can come along and enjoy the sun for awhile! I am hoping that he goes before I am too far along that airlines wont allow me to fly! So we are crossing our fingers! I could use a nice trip before Luke arrives! I would love to just play in the pool or on the beach with Vincent! It would be the perfect last hoorah before our family becomes a full 4! :) 

Well I am exhausted! I will keep up with blogging this week. I need to find our camera to get photos of V to put up! I will add that to my list of a million things! 

Me and my BIG mouth! :) Gender News! :)

WOW... first of all let me apologize for not posting since Tuesday! I have had a crazy busy week with family!! I will get back on blogging hopefully this weekend! 

But I wanted to share something that leaked out of my mouth this week and I am shocked at myself!

We had decided not to find out the sex of our baby at the 20 week ultrasound, but I let my mother in-law find out so she could do the bedding if it were to be a girl! Well she found out and did a great job of hiding it! It was killing me not knowing, but I tried my best to not find out....

Then my mom and I were shopping @ Target for Vincent's new room and I found the most amazing girl stuff! I wanted to buy it all then and there! But I did not know the gender! I decided then that I NEEDED TO KNOW!!

I called my mother in law and she told me.... I then held it inside! But of course it was on my mind 247! I did amazing at not letting Jordan know....Until this week!!

We were talking over what our new insurance would be with his new job and were talking about the different options and one of them was paying a percent of the bills and having a smaller deductible, and I spouted out "What if HE has to be in the NICU for some reason!"

HE.... HE.... HE!!!!

Jordan caught me right away and said TOLD YOU!! First off he swore he saw a penis during the ultrasound and second he told me I could not keep it to myself!! :)

Well he was right but NOW I can shout it out to EVERYONE that we are having ANOTHER BOY!! :) :)

His name will be Luke Cosmas (both names are derived from the Saints)

Since I have a BIG mouth, I am not allowed to find out with the next baby! :) Yes we are having more in the future! :)

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

Post-It Tuesday!

Well I promised a post about the good things happening in our life! Well my husband got an offer for an amazing job and he accepted! Only 8 more days at his current job and then he's starting his new one! This new job is relocating us a few hours from where we currently are, but we are very happy about the move! Here is the dilemma if we want this move done before the baby in 14 weeks we have to sell our house and  find one to rent (which has been a nightmare- I have been looking for weeks) or buy again which is not what we planned, but with all the things we need and the fact that people are very picky about German Shepherds, we are kind of stuck! So that is all the good news! I know it will all fall into place for us! And if worse comes to worse we will move after the baby! We have until December to be fully relocated, it's just not ideal as Jordan would have lots of traveling and we kinda like to be together as a family ya know?! :)

But today amidst me frantically trying to figure out a place to live and getting bad feedback everywhere I called, and on top of trying to get our house ready to show I received a call from my step-mom who is out of town that shattered my world today, it was that my father got into an accident, totaled the car and broke a few ribs and punctured his lung! He is okay and stable. My step-mom flies back in tomorrow so I will be getting her and going home for a few days so we can visit him at the hospital! They say it will be fine, but prayers are always good! 

Anyways... on to my post-its for Tuesday! :) 

Might not be posting for a few days but I will if I can! Hope everyone has an AMAZING week! xoxo