Five Question Friday! was a GREAT DAY! I have so much to write about this weekend! I figured I would do the Five Question Friday and save the good family news stuff for the weekend! :) 

1.  What is your worst memory of your siblings?
Okay my brother always called me a whale...TO EVERYONE...Poor me, I was so far from being a whale by the way I was always short and actually very fit from gymnastics, maybe weighed 110, but we went to seperate schools so when he would refer to me he always said my whale sister... lol So of course his friends all imagined a FAT UGLY sister! cell the funny thing came when I switched to his school for high school haha! His friends were like What the heck!?!!? I remember one of the older girls I cheered with saying "We always thought Elliott's sister would be huge the way he spoke about you" lol Oh how I love my brother! He still calls me fathead!? No clue why! :) 

2.  What was your naughtiest childhood memory? (Must be something you did.  No pawning it off on someone else).
Okay the WORST THING I did was when I was in 8th grade, there was a graffitti bridge that everyone painted! It was the cool thing to do to have your name on the legendary bridge! Well my friend and I snuck out and went there at like 2 am...Seriously scary stuff, We walked there from my house which was not close, we were so IMMATURE AND NAIVE! But anyways we spray painted the bridge with our names and all that jazz and thought we had pulled off such a feat, only to have the cops show up... my friend ran and stupid me tried to hide in these bushes, pretty much could be seen plain as day and of course they looked straight at me and told me to come with them! Yea! My parents were irate to say the least! We had to do  community service for it at The Boys and Girls Club! It sucked bad! Looking back I cannot believe we did it, mostly bc I am SO scared of being outside at night! 

3.  Where do you go to relax?
My Bedroom or the Bathroom! Nothing like a hot shower to ease my sorrows! 

4.  What was the last thing you won?
Wow I cannot even think of anything, I guess it would be gambling on the cruise! I played roulette and kicked some  butt! I was just picking random numbers that had to do with V's birthday or our birthdays and I kept winning! But we of course lost it all in blackjack!! 

5.  If you could be on a game show, which one would you choose?

I had always wanted to be on the Price is Right, but Drew Carey does not cut it! Totally kills the show in my opinion! I guess I would love to be on Deal or No Deal... if I knew more trivia I would love to be on Jeopardy! I think my husband would kick butt on that show! 

I promise I have lots to post about this weekend! Things are about to get really crazy let me tell you! But it is all AMAZING NEWS!! XOXO


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  2. That is great!!! I agree, love the Price is Right....totally miss Bob Barker though :O)Have a great weekend!