Following Through....

It only took me a few days but I finally followed through and looked for the camera. It is not like it was really lost, it was in the bedside table. It had died a few weeks back and instead a taking a few minutes to charge it, I just stashed it in the bedside table figuring I would get to it later, typical me if you ask my husband! It is kind of like the laundry we folded the other day that is still in the basket waiting to be put away! 

What can I say... I am a true procrastinator! I just put things off, it is truly my worst habit and I try daily to work on it, but with trying to keep the house clean in case of a potential showing my mind is in a million places! My mind should be focusing on cleaning but it is focused on what I can do special for Jordan's last day of work at his current job tomorrow! My mind is racing with many questions- What can I do to make it special for him? Should I make a special dinner? Should I bake a special cake? Should we go out to dinner? Will he want to go to dinner?!

So many questions, but the answer is any of those will be fine, the day is already special with it being his last day at that job! But I know Vincent and I will probably end up doing something tomorrow to make it even more special if we can top his going out to lunch with co-workers and ice cream party at work! I mean geesh... they are trying to steal my thunder! HAHA Just joking! 

Anyways... the camera is back in action finally.. Here are some new photos from today!!

Snack/Messy face time! 

Cracking up because Maggie is giving him bunny ears! 

Both of their faces crack me up!

He turns everything into a walker! lol

Push V, Push! 

This is what Vincent thinks about milk in a sippy cup vs bottle... he poured it all on his own... he is too smart!

He clearly knows how to drink from his sippy... just refuses to lol

Making a mess! Notice the spilt milk on carpet and of course all over him! haha 

After the milk he climbed over to me and cuddled up and starting chewing the appliqué on my shirt!

Having V cuddled on my belly is PURE BLISS!! 

And within a few moments he was off.....ROARRRRRR!! 

He then wanted to help put the dishes away... so thoughtful! :) 

Had to snap a photo of him on his tippy toes before I told him it was a no-no! TOO CUTE!

Hope everyone has a magnificent weekend! xoxo 


  1. I love these pics! I'm the same way sometimes..putting things off.. :) My daughters were 11 months and 1 week apart lol so i had 2 under 1 for 3 weeks! I'm Friday Following you!!! Please come by when you can and follow:)

    Glenda @ Me and Mine in a Small Town

  2. Your little boy is a cutie!
    I'm now following you.. looking forward to getting to know you :)