Vincent has been a little crabby and warm since Saturday night, but we did not think much, just maybe teething but we really started to take notice even more this morning when he slept through mass, which is NOT NORMAL! He was also just hotter than an oven! I took his under the arm temp around 10 this morning and he was 102.5 and that is with him wiggling his best to get the thermometer out from under his arm, so needless to say who knows if it should of been higher, but the rule of judgement from the peditrictian is to add 2 to any under arm temp which would make him 104.5?, which seemed unreal to me!! So, I stripped little man down to just a diaper and gave him some tylenol and got his fever to break to 101.3 before he went down for a nap!

Jordan was out golfing for the afternoon, he had been wanting golf lessons so as an early "Father's Day/Birthday" gift I said I would get him lessons from Vincent and I, sure enough we have a good friend that was an instructor, so it became a boys golf weekend, full of lessons and "hitting the links" today! lol Ya I just learned that term today, but anyways, my point was it was just me and little man here. 

I am a WORRIER to the MAX....so me being here with Vincent and his high temperature was a sure fire anxiety trip for me! He has never EVER been this sick yet so it killed me! Luckily Jordan's brother who is med school helped me through the day with my craziness! 

I then made the decision to take him to an Urgent Care, as nothing would break his fever, and I had found that when I touched his left ear all hell broke lose! So I figured it must be an ear infection. But then also my boss had told me her daughter had strep and she was with us Thursday. So now it was between the ear infection or strep! 

But first I wanted to thank my wonderful peditritcian office for calling back with my URGENT message within the 30 mins they are supposed to....NOT! They took 2 1/2 hours to even call me, which hello I am already on my way to URGENT CARE as if the my reason for calling was not URGENT! That really annoyed me since I wanted my little man to feel better asap and get the temp down! 

So I gave him a bottle quick before we left! You can tell by his eyes that he is not feeling well :(

So in the car and off we went! 10 mins down the road and half way there I decided to check and make sure I had the insurance card, which is usually in my wallet.... WRONG! I had given it to Jordan a few weeks back to pick up a prescription for me and it was on his desk! BACK WE WENT! I jetted in, grabbed the card and off we were AGAIN.... I swear I lose my mind when I am pregnant!

We finally got to the Urgent Care, which was amazingly quick! The nurse took his temp and he was 104.7!! I said wait what...can you say that again...I mean of course the doctor always said to add 2 to the under arm temp but I never really took it seriously until she took the temp right there in front of me and WOW 104.7! My poor little Vincent was just cuddled into me, just so out of it and miserable, I just held him close with a cool rag on his head!

The doctor came and I explained it all and she checked his ears and YES found that the left was red. I explained also that Maggie had strept so she decided to run a swab on him to rule that out. This is where my next "Thank You" of the day comes from! :)

The nurse came in and I had no clue what to expect as I have never had a swab done and either had Vincent! Well she said to lay him down and I thought "Okay she will just swab his gums" Well thanks for THE WARNING! She shoved it down his throat and VOMMMMMMMIT.....all over! She just said "Yah they usually do that!" in this monotone voice. Seriously, THANKS...I would have had a rag there so my son would not have thrown up all over himself and his clothes! And man was he stinky after it! So here he was burning up wit a fever smelling like puked up milk the whole way home! 

Note to Self: Pack an extra change of clothes in diaper bag! :)

Once it was all said and done, we walked away with NO STREP! Thank God, and just an ear infection, if that is good news?! But his fever is still roaring out of control! Before bed we gave him a luke warm bath and got him down near 100, but I am going to keep an eye on him tonight as I definitely do not want him to peak up high again! I hate seeing him in pain! It kills me inside! I just want to take it all away! 

I am hoping tomorrow brings a new happier, healthier, no fever day! 

Thanks for listening to my rant! :) xoxo


  1. OMG - Poor little Flex monster. Feel better buddy

  2. Oh poor guy! Those nights and days are the worst when they run a high fever! Good luck!! ;)

  3. hope the little guy feels better! Congrats on Baby #2. http://www.gumdropswap.blogspot.com

  4. Your baby is is adorable!
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  5. Poor little guy =( Hope he's back to his smiling self soon! -- Dawn @ http://www.thewayiseethings.typepad.com

  6. Oh man, fevers are so scary! I get so worried when they spike up, I panic! I hope he feels better soon. Poor little man =(

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  8. Ooooh, I want to squeeze your baby! He's is adorable! I'm a mommy of 3 little boys, so I have a special place in my heart for baby boys. :) Come visit sometime!

  9. We will let you rant!. It is okay! i know what you are going through. Several of mine had ear problems and they are no fun. i hope your little one is better soon.

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