Paying it Forward and Happy Mother's Day!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted on her wonderful blog about an act (actually 2 acts) of kindness she had encountered one day! If you did not read the post here is the short version! 

It started off with someone in front of her at Gap buying something for a total stranger that the stranger had put back since she did not have the money for it, my friend witnessed this and was so touched to see such an act of kindness! Then on her break at work she was in line at Subway just chatting with a lady and when she went to pay for her sub the cashier told her that the lady in front of her had already paid for it! The lady left behind this card! 


My friend chased after the lady and the lady stated she got these cards from a site online and does random acts of kindness and leaves the cards behind! 

My friend stated her experience "I will never forget that day or how it's impacted me! Our Father is an awesome Father who continues to bless and AMAZE me daily!!!"

I read this post and was instantly happy and touched by what she had experienced and of course thought "I want to help!" I visited the website and ordered the cards so I could spread the smiles and love! By the way the cards are FREE! They are donated by people helping each other! How amazing is that!?

Well I have had the cards on the kitchen counter for a week or so and have been thinking of what to do. But I of course never put them in my wallet...Classic me!

Well last night we went to Champps for a late lunch/dinner since they were having an awesome deal for Mother's Day! I would highly recommend it! Check out the deal HERE!

We actually did not know you have to print out the coupon, but we told our waitress we had already known about it so she let it slide!

We were just enjoying our time and playing with Vincent at our table, and he loves staring at people when they walk by and he caught the eye of two ladies, a mother (60s) and her daughter (30s who was a mother herself) that had just walked in! They of course started talking to him and took great interest in him! What can I say... He is mighty cute!

We had received our food and prayed as usual, and after we prayed I could feel their eyes on us! lol You know that feeling when you know someone is looking at you! 

Well I just ignored it, figuring they were looking at V!

Well a few minutes later the older mother walked over to us! She said "I could not help but notice you were praying and I really respect that! My grandson always makes me pray! I have this extra coupon for Mother's Day and I thought you would like to have it!" 

Jordan and I laughed and told her that "We had actually forgot to print ours out and it might actually come in handy if the waitress needed it for some reason!" We thanked her so much and we chatted about Mothers Day and all that jazz! We were truly touched by her doing that!

We went along eating our food which was very yummy by the way, minus the fact that I should have ordered the RIBS! :) Jordan fully rubbed that in my face, but he of course shared! :)

He then looked at me and said we should do the Operation Smile thing to them! I said OH MY GOSH YES!! He is such a thinker! He had known that I had been wanting to do something special for someone since I had received the cards!

What better time than this! We decided that we would pay for their meal and since I did not have the Smile Cards with me that we would just write the website on the reciept!

Well if you know what Operation Smile is, it is clearly not the site where the cards are from! lol We mistakenly mixed up this amazing charity I am obsessed with for the cards, since they have a smile on them, and good thing we caught it before we wrote it on the final receipt for our waitress to give to her!

We grabbed the Droid and I looked up the site super quick on my friends blog! We rushed to get things done because we wanted to exit before they knew what was happening! Our waitress was amazing and helped us pull it off with a total success! 

We signed their receipt with "" and " Happy Mothers Day! God Bless!" 

We said Thanks to them on the way out for the coupon they had given us and we all left with a smile! Jordan and I were so HAPPY for what we did! It felt so great to know that we would have totally caught the women off guard! I would have loved to have seen their reaction!

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the restaurant...

It was by FAR the best Mother's Day ever, even if it was the day before!

I now have the cards in my wallet so we can strike again at any time!

I know these women will pass it on and pay it forward! Just think... It might be you next on the receiving end!!!

Hope all of you have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

PS. Here is the site for OPERATION SMILE, I would have to say this is in my eye's one of the best charities out there! For 240.00 you can CHANGE a child's life! It is truly amazing! 


  1. I loved reading this post! That is exactly what more of this world needs~ people being nice to each other! I heard about this before on the nightly news had feature segment about paying it forward a few months back. Some times helping others and seeing that joy is the best gift of all! Especially, in the world today when so many people are faced with hard times! Happy Mother's Day - enjoy your day! ;)

  2. Allie, this is Awesome! I'm sure that woman and her daughter will always remember you guys and Mothers Days 2010! You guys are awesome!!!!!

  3. Pay it forward. Good saying, I wish more people did it now a days.

    I'm presenting you with The Sunshine Award for being such a great momma blogger.

    And a great person in general.

    Check it out on Desperate for Coffee when you have the chance.

    Also, I always go to your blog for the good play list :-)

  4. I Love the pay it forward Idea! I'm going to that website now!

    Happy Monday!

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  6. Allie:

    I read your bog, and just went on and ordered my own. You are such a great daughter in law. Love you.