Slacking....and the dreaded SWIMSUIT!

Sorry to all my followers for my lack of posts! The past week was pure craziness but it ended very well! We had a lot of ups and downs last week but a lot of amazing things have come and I look forward to the future!

We got to spend a lot of time with both our families this past week and I loved every minute of it! I am so excited to be moving closer to both of our families! It will be so nice especially for Jordan's family, since they were the furthest and will now become the closest! I am very excited for the move, the only thing that is not exciting is the uncertainty of it all!

Jordan ends his current job on Friday! Hooray! And jumps right into his new job on Monday! I am so excited for him and we are still both in the shock phase that this is all truly happening! It is a true blessing! We of course wanted to sell the house by ourselves, but we were realistic and got an agent and we are finally listed! The only thing that sucks about your house being on the market is that it needs to be pretty much perfect 247! Which is awesome with a 1 year old getting into EVERYTHING and a wonderful dog who likes to shred things! Our realtor said sometimes people will want to view your house ASAP and give you very little warning, I am hoping that does not happen to us, but I am trying my best to keep up with it all! I am sure Jordan is loving it! :)

I think we have come to the decision that apartments or renting a house will not work, considering we cannot find a place with adequate space and a place that will allow our dog! Since when did German Shepherds become a scary breed? Whatever, it just means that we will be buying another house! We have been looking and have found some pretty nice ones! It is just a matter of when we sell our house here! So it kinda stinks because the best we can do at the moment is put a contingent offer on a house and pray that no one else buys it before us! I just hope and pray our house sells quick! 

We are not sure where we will be when Luke arrives in August, but as of now we are planning on being here which would be amazing to be able to have my midwife and doula that I had my first pregnancy! Nothing would make me happier! I know I can do it again but I love my "dream team" from my first birth and I want to bring Luke into the world with the same people! I will cross my fingers to still be here for that!

On another note aside from the stresses of life, I went swimsuit shopping! :) HELLO RETAIL THERAPY!

 I usually LOVE LOVE LOVE buying a swim suit, but this year I am carrying Luke along for the ride and let me tell you... it's not the prettiest ride from the outside (my body that is). Vincent and I headed off to Old Navy since they were having sweet deals and I do not want to overpay for a suit I will only wear a few times, but I decided on a tankini (I bought the one below), I am not thrilled about it, but it is cute! I might just opt to wear a bikini, because clearly everyone will notice I am pregnant whether of not the tank part of the tankini covers my belly or not! I guess it will depend on my mood that day!

Also speaking of shopping, my friend Chrissy blogged about some amazing maxi dresses from Forever 21 and I fell in love with them when I saw the picture and the price! They are ONLY 12.50!! I quickly ordered 2 and anxiously awaited their arrival, and they were perfect! They feel just like wearing pajamas! I would highly recommend them! You cannot beat the price!! 

Jordan has to travel to Florida for a few weeks for training, we are not sure exactly when, but we are hoping that Vincent and I can come along and enjoy the sun for awhile! I am hoping that he goes before I am too far along that airlines wont allow me to fly! So we are crossing our fingers! I could use a nice trip before Luke arrives! I would love to just play in the pool or on the beach with Vincent! It would be the perfect last hoorah before our family becomes a full 4! :) 

Well I am exhausted! I will keep up with blogging this week. I need to find our camera to get photos of V to put up! I will add that to my list of a million things! 

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