It's Official... Swagger Wagon - We are a minivan family!

Ahh... I had never thought I would say those words! Earlier this winter we got rid of one of our sedans and get an Equinox for me, mainly because it was AWD and super safe for Vincent and I, and I also refused to be a minivan mom yet! NO offense at all... I just did not want one until we had 3 or more kids, I still wanted to feel hip and trendy and be an SUV momma. Well with Jordans new job he has a company car and he could choose between an 2011 Escape (which is super sexy) or 2011 Sienna... well he went with the Sienna since we did not need 2 SUVs! 

Well she arrived at our house on Friday...

 I must admit that... SHE FRICKING ROCKS!! 

By the way her name is Boom Boom Pow... Now my song choice might make sense! :) We joked about cruising around town playing that song when the car arrived... We did not though... I am sure we will in the future! :)

Vincent checking it out...

My boys! :)

We drove her all weekend and it has been great, I love how much room there is! It is HUGE compared to the Equinox! Putting Vincent in his car seat is such a breeze!! 

I must say... I am slowly changing my mind on minivans but I still love my Equinox! 

By the way we love the Swagger Wagon Family

If you have not seen their videos you have to WATCH THEM!!

I think that is really what sold Jordan on getting the Sienna! 

Now time to sell our other car... it will be nice to have the extra money since we are in the process of moving, looking at new houses and selling our current house...which is so FUN... NOT! 

But I must say the best part of selling your house is coming home after the showings to a perfect house! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! 

I wish that warm and fuzzy feeling was there before the showings when I am cleaning! IF ONLY! :)

Off to dream about the house selling....We have an Open House tomorrow....Say a prayer for us!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!! xoxo

My Easy Chicken Parmesan was a 10!

I had been wanting to make a easy Chicken Parmesan this week and was just going to use Vincents Dino Nuggets as the chicken but then I noticed we had some chicken tenders thawed and left over from earlier this week! Well I then needed breading for the chicken so off I went to see what I could come up with....

I came up with.... Ritz Crackers, Parsley, Salt and Garlic Powder...PERFECT! 

I then diced the chicken up and crushed the crackers and added the spices to a gallon sized bag.

I am not one to measure my spices, I just wing it, but I would say I used 1 TBS of each seasoning (probably more) with about 8-10 crushed crackers, really just depends on your flavor preference.

Next I put the chicken in a 9x9 pan and put it in the over at 350 for about 20-30 mins, checking periodically since it is small chunks it cooks faster. 

Then all you need is a few items to finish it off once the chicken is done. While the chicken is cooking you will need to boil the spaghetti or whichever noodle you prefer.

Also warm the sauce on the stove.

While the chicken is cooking you will even have time to play hide and seek with your toddler! :) 

Hey Mommy!

Once everything is cooked you are ready to eat!!

I even had some Italian bread that I buttered and threw in the over for a few, I used all the same spices I used on the chicken and then added the cheese the last minute in the oven, I cooked that at 400 for 5-7 mins.

The meal was simple and easy and Vincent and Jordan agreed!

Vincent gave it at 10!! :)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! :)

By the way only 8 more weeks til baby Luke!!

Wordless Wednesday - A year ago today!

My Baby Bear! :) Small Cappello Review!

Our baby bear beanies from Small Cappello arrived this weekend, the delivery was so fast, it came 7 days after I placed the order and my oh my were they the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!! 

The newborn size one was PERFECT, it is so tiny and small! I remember having a ton of baby beanies and Vincent could never wear them because they were too big, and Vincent was NOT a small baby by any means!! I think this one will fit Luke perfect! 

Vincent tried his on...

Then he wanted to take my camera....

Then he struck a pose with his to die for chocolate eyes! :) 

I love these hats and she keeps coming out with new designs every couple of days!! 

I love Small Cappello! If you happen to order one or a few please post pics, I would love to see your little ones in these cute hats!

By the way she also has a Facebook page for all you Facebooking Mamas! Small Cappello Facebook

Happy Tuesday! xoxo

Our Father's Day! - Lots of Pics!!

I was way too exhausted to post our special day last night, therefore a tiny delay! I love Father's Day and everything that comes with it! I love being able to do special things for my husband and make him happy!! Jordan is an amazing father, I love watching him interact with Vincent, he has so much love for him! I know he will be the same way with all of our children! I am so blessed to have him as my husband and Vincent is so blessed to have him as his Daddy! We love you!!

Now onto our Father's Day Festivities!

We made finishing touches to his "King for a Day" crown and Best Dad 2010 Certificate on Saturday! 

Messy baby hands! :)

Almost finished... GOOD JOB Vincent!!

We grilled out Saturday and Jordan went to the bathroom and I was grabbing utensils in the kitchen and I come back to this!!! Vincent pulled one of the steaks in front of him and was seasoning it (he mocks my every move!) I LOVE IT!! :)

Horray it's Father's Day! We made Jordan breakfast!

Vincent thought of the blueberry idea... Clever kid! :)

Stealing Blueberries!

My lovely husband!! :) WE LOVE YOU!!

Vincent Bear and Papa Bear

Daddy's Co-Pilot

In the afternoon we went to the park for a picnic!

Little man!

BBQ/Ranch Wraps and fruit...YUMM!! The recipe for the salad is HERE , but you can also do wraps which is what I did since it is easier for a picnic! 

Really digged his first experience with Pringles! Once you pop you just can't stop... definitely true for V!

Searching for them...

Now onto the swings... Vincent's favorite part of the park!!

Seriously Verner... lol 

I have NEVER in my life seen a swing like this!! I just laughed my butt off for the first few seconds when he was swinging... it just looked so random!!! He loved it though!!

My 3 boys!

We had a great Father's Day and are already looking forward to next years! 

Here is a flashback to last year... Jordan's First Father's Day

My how Vincent has grown in this past year... as well as Jordan and I have both grown as parents! I truly look forward to all the years to come with Jordan as my partner!

I love you so much Jordan! xoxo

Blog Awards!

Seriously I have been meaning to post about a couple blog awards I had received and some were very old!! I am such a slacker at times but now I am getting around to it! 

I love ALL of my followers and all the great momma blogs I have found on here! You ladies truly rock my socks off! It is so nice to have an outlet to write my daily life on and I love reading about all of yours! 

I received the Sunshine award from two of my favorite blogs Desperate for Coffee and also Strawberry Fields! I was so happy ladies when I received these from you! It truly made my day that you find my blog happy and entertaining and I love following both of your blogs!! 

If you would like to accept the Sunshine Award, copy the picture above and paste it to your blog. Winners are asked to select 12 recipients to pass their awards onto ..... Drum roll please ...

I've selected to send The Sunshine Award the following blogs.  

Congrats ladies!  I truly love reading your blogs!

I also received another award from Adventures in Vandyland, I am so glad that I found her blog as well! She has some great stuff and has the cutest little girls!! Thanks so much for the award!! 

The Beautiful Blogger Award has some rules: First you must thank whoever gave the award. Again, a huge thank you goes out to Adventures in Vandyland ! Next I need to tell 7 things about myself you may not know.

I did this a few weeks ago so I will mix it up and add some new things! :)

1. I met my husband while I was working @ Express... He walked in the door with one of my managers and I saw him INSTANTLY...I called my manager (my husbands then room mate) over to me and said "I HAVE TO MEET HIM!" Well I coyly walked by and got introduced and the rest is history. We set up a date to watch a football game at their place, and we have been together every day since! It was truly love at first sight! 

2. You could not have paid me to wear a dress when I was younger, I was the biggest TOM-BOY mainly because I had an older brother and my dad always sponsored and coached t-ball and little league so I played those until I found gymnastics was my passion, and since my school did not offer gymnastics, cheerleading was the closest thing to do my tumbling....Talk about a quick switch to girly girl... a sport where you wear a skirt! HAHA But I was not the typical bubbly "cheerleader", I did it to show off my tumbling and to do crazy stunts! That always was the best part! 

3. I have a new phobia of TICKS! Mainly because we took a walk in the metro parks with our dog a few weeks back and he had like 3 freaking ticks.... since then I have been on the look out... AND YESTERDAY Jordan took our dog and son on a walk through the same trail (We got him k9 Advantix) but when we got home Jordan came out to the kitchen to show me what a TICK LOOKED LIKE.... HE HAD ONE ON HIS ANKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!! So disgusting!! 

4. I'm am a total hypocondriac, I seriously think something is wrong CONSTANTLY... Jordan's brother is in Med School and has gotten many a calls from me being freaked out about this or that! By the way NOTHING has ever been wrong with me... lol I need to chill! 

5. I have a BAD obsession with reality TV!! Seriously yesterday I got hooked on the Real Housewives of New York and Bethenney Getting Married... what is my problem!?!!? They totally suck me in with their drama!! Must be since I am at home all day I need a girly drama fix! Hey better them than me! :)

6. I love dipping McDonalds fries in honey! YUMMM....

7. I have a feeling that I will give birth to all boys! :) lol My husband jokes that I will be the only girl in the house! I am already outnumbered with Jordan, Vincent, our dog Verner and now Luke coming! :) Oh boys will be good cooks and bakers! :) Their wives will thank me! :) But I will keep holding out for my little gymnast/ my dreams! :) 

Now I must pass the award on to twelve new great blogs:

Thanks to having such wonderful blogs ladies!! I LOVE THEM!!

Easy Dinner- Chicken Bowls and 31 weeks! :)

I figured I would post a recipe every week or so, until I run out of good ones! :) But I love this recipe, so simple and EASY, which is clearly what I like! Have you ever had the Chicken Bowls from KFC? Well these are the  same....only better! Last time I was having a craving for KFC (I would like to blame it on pregnancy but it was pre-pregnancy) well, I got one of theirs and it was HORRID. Their so called Popcorn Chicken was just pieces of deep-fried breading... it totally broke my heart so I decided to just start making them at home!! 

Here is what you will need:

Popcorn Chicken - or you can use Nuggets, of course we have the Dino Nuggets so I just chop them up! :)
Can of Corn
Instant Potatoes- Sorry I do not have time to mash my own so I take the easy way! :)
Gravy- I just use the mix but canned is easier
Cheddar Cheese- shredded

Cook the chicken in the oven- about 10 mins
While the chicken is cooking make your potatoes and warm your corn and gravy

Once everything is done cooking, layer it in a bowl as follows or as you please:

Mashed Potatoes

This meal is less than $5 to make and it only takes 10 minutes! I always use it in a crunch when I forget to thaw out meat, which is often as my pregnancy brain has taken over!!

I hope you all try it and ENJOY! 

Also, check these cute onsies I got for the boys! :)

And we are 31 WEEKS tomorrow, I had an appointment today and his heart rate was great and he is measuring perfect and is head down but obviously he flips around a lot so that does not really matter at this point, but all in all, it went great! 

Only 9 more weeks til I get to see my little man! I am so curious as to what he will look like!! Will he have hair?! Will he get those killer brown eyes Vincent has? Will he be a chunker? Will he be a perfect breastfeeder like Vincent? These questions and more are always on my mind, but one thing I do know is that he will be PERFECT no matter any of these things! I cannot wait to meet him! :)