20 Things!

I had my 3 hour glucose screening today so I had a lot of free time to myself, Vincent was at home sleeping with Grandma! He woke up only a half hour before I got home, so my mom had it easy! But I got to catch up on his photo books, I had done one for his first 4 months so I started on months 4-8 and months 8-12! Next year I will do them in 6 month increments! lol 

But I had time to finally do "20 Things About Me!"


1. I love sweets, and have am very bad at having the self control to not eat them .

2. I had Vincent completely natural, and hope to have Luke the same exact way.

3. I love everything about elderly people- they have so many great stories and are seriously the cutest people 
ever!  After the kids are in school I would love to volunteer or work with the elderly doing activities!

4. I am a certified wedding planner, but don’t really do much with it now since it is so time consuming!

5. I went to college for Early Childhood Education and actually hated it, then I became a nanny and LOVED it, I just finished being with the same family for 3 years! They are and have been a huge part of my life!

6. I love baking, I even make my wedding cake and my brothers! Our weddings were 2 weeks apart!


7. I grew up not really having a religious life, I converted to being Catholic last year and was baptized Easter 2009! I am so happy with my decision and cannot wait to have our sons grow up with such a great religious life.

8. I never really understood the true meaning of love until I held Vincent!

9. I am a true believe that everything happens for a reason, good or bad.

10. I believe Jordan and I were meant for eachother and came into eachothers lives at the perfect time, He is a true blessing to me!

11. My biggest pet peeve is people being disrespectful to others or acting like they are better than others.

12. I love everything about being a stay at home Mom, I love being there for every moment of Vincent’s life, I am so grateful that I am able to stay at home!

13. I love planning parties (see #4), I am already thinking of Vincent’s 2nd birthday and Luke’s 1st! I also already have plans for Lilly’s 1st, if we ever get a girl!

14. My parents having a divorce has given me a different perspective on marriage and I think it will make my and Jordan’s marriage that much stronger.

15. I HATE running, it kills my soul to have to run, I always hated running in college practices, I always thought to myself “This is cheerleading, not track!”, Good attitude I know, but I do want to someday push myself to run a 5k and maybe a half marathon

16. I could still do a backhandspring after Vincent was born… after Luke I plan to regain all my tummy strength and get back to doing standing tucks! I always told myself I want to be able to do a back tuck when I am 30! 

17. I gained almost 60lbs with Vincent and lost it all within 4 months! Thank you breastfeeding! This time I am no where NEAR that weight gain! haha

18. I breastfed my son until he was  10 months old, my body stopped producing milk when I was a few months into this pregnancy, it broke my heart to stop!

19. I love seeing random acts of kindness, its seriously the coolest thing to witness and I also love paying it forward, what a great feeling!

20. I have severe anxiety at times, and have experienced many anxiety and panic attacks, they are the scariest thing ever! But I have learned ways to overccome them! Thank God! 


  1. I'm running a 5K a week from tomorrow & couldn't be more excited/proud of myself to commiting to it and making it happen. You should definatley work toward it after your second little blessing!

  2. wow nice post & the cake is yummmm

  3. Beautiful cakes! You could open your own bakery!

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