Darn you Frappe!

McDonalds-Mocha-Frappe.jpg mcdonalds frappe image by kristina200133

Last night I ended by blog post that I was going to dream about Mocha Frappes! Well I did just that and when I woke up... I HAD TO HAVE ONE!! :) And let me tell you, it was just as amazing as I dreamt of all night! But I will say that I barely slept last night maybe 3-4 hours so I decided I could give in to the Frappe! Oh pregnancy cravings! YUMMMMMM.... My mom claims that the caramel one is amazing but I have not had the heart to venture away from the Mocha yet.... why leave something that I know is oh so GOOD!

BUT I just got the news that I failed my glucose 1 hour screening by 1 point, I am guessing it is because I ate waffles before it, lol Good IDEA! :) But my doctor has a low cut off of 134, most doctors do not cute off until 140 so being at 135 I feel confident that I will be fine, with Vincent I was in the low 80s, and I did not eat before his! Now I have to take the 3-hour screening, which I am sure will be REALLY exciting and fun! But I have now decided NO MORE FRAPPES for me this pregnancy, good thing I snuck one in right this morning before the doctor called! Wish me luck on the 3 hour testing!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!! xoxo

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  1. Oh Allie, I agree with your momma....the caramel ones are to die for!!