It's Official... Swagger Wagon - We are a minivan family!

Ahh... I had never thought I would say those words! Earlier this winter we got rid of one of our sedans and get an Equinox for me, mainly because it was AWD and super safe for Vincent and I, and I also refused to be a minivan mom yet! NO offense at all... I just did not want one until we had 3 or more kids, I still wanted to feel hip and trendy and be an SUV momma. Well with Jordans new job he has a company car and he could choose between an 2011 Escape (which is super sexy) or 2011 Sienna... well he went with the Sienna since we did not need 2 SUVs! 

Well she arrived at our house on Friday...

 I must admit that... SHE FRICKING ROCKS!! 

By the way her name is Boom Boom Pow... Now my song choice might make sense! :) We joked about cruising around town playing that song when the car arrived... We did not though... I am sure we will in the future! :)

Vincent checking it out...

My boys! :)

We drove her all weekend and it has been great, I love how much room there is! It is HUGE compared to the Equinox! Putting Vincent in his car seat is such a breeze!! 

I must say... I am slowly changing my mind on minivans but I still love my Equinox! 

By the way we love the Swagger Wagon Family

If you have not seen their videos you have to WATCH THEM!!

I think that is really what sold Jordan on getting the Sienna! 

Now time to sell our other car... it will be nice to have the extra money since we are in the process of moving, looking at new houses and selling our current house...which is so FUN... NOT! 

But I must say the best part of selling your house is coming home after the showings to a perfect house! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! 

I wish that warm and fuzzy feeling was there before the showings when I am cleaning! IF ONLY! :)

Off to dream about the house selling....We have an Open House tomorrow....Say a prayer for us!

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!! xoxo


  1. Oh I so hear you!! I'm not ready to be a minivan mom either yet. I just can't...yet. BUT, hubby is groovin' on the Sienna-idea as well. Congrats on the car.

    Am following you from MBC. if you have a chance, check out my blog at

  2. I'm conpletely torn on the "Minivan Debate" right now! I drive a beautiful Denali right now, but I just know that once baby #3 comes around I am bound for minivan world! They just have so much room and honestly...I'm really liking the looks of the new Sienna! Yours looks pretty slick! I'm sure I'll be right behind you in becoming a minivan momma. :-)

  3. Was once a SUV mama, now back to a 4 door due to gas prices. But a mini van mama? You rock!

    Enjoy the fresh new scent of the car too. I know after a while french fries will start dwelling under the seat and the smell of apple juice *somewhere* in the car is going to happen sooner or later. (It always does with me). If it doesn't, your a goddess. Can you share your secret???

    Saying a prayer for the house showing.

  4. Congrats on the new car! Lucky job find that comes with a car a lot of companies have cut that out of their budgets :)

    I love that video and kudos to Toyota for such a great Marketing campaign! Seriously, that video would be the only selling point for me to a mini van! I have an Envoy now and I love it! If I have to move up it would be to the Swagger Wagon or the Acadia which seats 7! Oh well, enough of the car stuff-- Good Luck selling your house and finding a new place!

  5. You ladies crack me up!! I am glad I am not the only mamma on the fence on minivans! haha! It is great but it does give me the soccer mom feeling :) My kids are not even old enough to play soccer! haha! I do agree the Sienna is the best looking Mini out there, she has the nicest look in my opinion.

    Katie- I am so with you on the car having a wonderful scent that will soon disappear :( The Equinox smelled amazing until Vincent would drop his bottles of milk on the seat and they would spill out giving it a wonderful smell of NASTY SPOILED MILK! It was horrid, thank god for the steam cleaner!! YUCK! I am sure we will be having lots more of that coming up! I was a nanny before I had my 1st and my Jetta smells like CRAYONS... we still cannot figure out where in the world it is coming from...So the next owner will be passed on the crayon car!

    Thanks for the well wishes on the house selling!! :) We are getting way to close to the due date of Luke, so it is either sell now or the new owner is going to have to wait! :)

  6. I love those commercials, but not enough to go the mini van route. Besides, my last name is Vann so I could not possibly purchase/drive a van. Hope the open went well and your feeling great in the last few weeks of being the mother host ship for baby boy #2!

  7. I became a Minivan Mom when I was pregnant with Alex and Jordan, didn't have a choice. I love it, drove one until the boys turned 16. So I was a minivan Mom for 16 years. Then went to the Escape, now I think I need to return to the minivan with the girls. I will be a minivan Grandma, maybe.

  8. I must admit, I am jealous...I dream of a minivan!!!

    But, it looks wonderful!