Memorial Weekend....

We had a very busy yet amazing weekend! We had a full day of traveling to and from my in-laws houses on Saturday for family cookouts and get togethers! Hopefully that will be our last LONG day trip as it entails 5 hours round trip in the car! It will be so nice when we move later this summer, it will only be an hour away to  both of our families, we are so looking forward to it! Vincent just does not do well overnight at places other than our house, he sleeps like a champ in his crib 12-14 hours a night and he takes a nice 1-2 nap during the day but when you take him out of his element and get him around family he loses his nap and it throws off his whole schedule, which makes day trips the obvious best thing for us and all our sleep cycles SANITY! :) 

We had a nice lazy Sunday around the house and did some housework and just relaxed, and then today we had a nice cook out with our friends, which my acid reflux did not like, I am guessing it was the Reese Cup Brownies that brewed up a storm in there! But all in all it was a great weekend! Here are some photos from Saturday!

My little man is SO BIG....Now forward facing in the car!! 

Not too sure about the hat Mom!?

He pretends like he is a puppy at times, which is why I call him puppy a lot! :)

The boys in the tree!

Here ya go Daddy!

My 3 boys on the beach


 My two loves!

Love these 2 with all my HEART

Jordan looks exactly like Vincent when he makes this face....

My 2 boys! :) I am now in the 3rd trimester!! YEYYYYY!

Hope everyone has an AMAZING 4-DAY week!!

I am now off to dream about Frappuccinos! They have been my pregnancy weakness this past week! Raspberry Mocha Chip ones from Starbucks----TRY THEM and also McDonalds Mocha Frappe is SCRUMPTIOUS! I will have to try my best this week to stay far away from those 2 places! :) Does not help that they are both less than a mile away! :)



  1. I love the 3rd pic. My son does that all the time. Piks up things with his mouth & goes places. Congrats on ur 2nd baby!

  2. Love the picture of V in his carseat. Such a happy little long as i don't have my camera out that is!