My Baby Bear! :) Small Cappello Review!

Our baby bear beanies from Small Cappello arrived this weekend, the delivery was so fast, it came 7 days after I placed the order and my oh my were they the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!! 

The newborn size one was PERFECT, it is so tiny and small! I remember having a ton of baby beanies and Vincent could never wear them because they were too big, and Vincent was NOT a small baby by any means!! I think this one will fit Luke perfect! 

Vincent tried his on...

Then he wanted to take my camera....

Then he struck a pose with his to die for chocolate eyes! :) 

I love these hats and she keeps coming out with new designs every couple of days!! 

I love Small Cappello! If you happen to order one or a few please post pics, I would love to see your little ones in these cute hats!

By the way she also has a Facebook page for all you Facebooking Mamas! Small Cappello Facebook

Happy Tuesday! xoxo

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