My Easy Chicken Parmesan was a 10!

I had been wanting to make a easy Chicken Parmesan this week and was just going to use Vincents Dino Nuggets as the chicken but then I noticed we had some chicken tenders thawed and left over from earlier this week! Well I then needed breading for the chicken so off I went to see what I could come up with....

I came up with.... Ritz Crackers, Parsley, Salt and Garlic Powder...PERFECT! 

I then diced the chicken up and crushed the crackers and added the spices to a gallon sized bag.

I am not one to measure my spices, I just wing it, but I would say I used 1 TBS of each seasoning (probably more) with about 8-10 crushed crackers, really just depends on your flavor preference.

Next I put the chicken in a 9x9 pan and put it in the over at 350 for about 20-30 mins, checking periodically since it is small chunks it cooks faster. 

Then all you need is a few items to finish it off once the chicken is done. While the chicken is cooking you will need to boil the spaghetti or whichever noodle you prefer.

Also warm the sauce on the stove.

While the chicken is cooking you will even have time to play hide and seek with your toddler! :) 

Hey Mommy!

Once everything is cooked you are ready to eat!!

I even had some Italian bread that I buttered and threw in the over for a few, I used all the same spices I used on the chicken and then added the cheese the last minute in the oven, I cooked that at 400 for 5-7 mins.

The meal was simple and easy and Vincent and Jordan agreed!

Vincent gave it at 10!! :)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! :)

By the way only 8 more weeks til baby Luke!!


  1. I'm going to try this! Looks like it was good according to V!

  2. Sounds good and looks like it was a big hit! BTW congratulations on the new arrival:) You have the nicest guy names in your family. Vincent, Jordan and Luke, I like those names:)